3 Tips for an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a technique that employs permission based text messages to disseminate promotional details. Customers can choose to receive texts containing information regarding the latest offers and availability of new products by selecting the option on an automated system.

Once they submit the short code, their cell phone number is stored and they receive messages on a regular basis. There are several measures a business can apply to ensure that their SMS marketing push is successful.

Some of these are listed below:

Audience Segmentation

One of the best ways a business can ensure that it’s SMS marketing efforts do not fall flat is by segmenting their target audience. Sending a homogenous automated text to all customers in the database has the potential to backfire.

If the entrepreneur is sensible, they will send the right message to the right customer. Segmenting and targeting their audience will be tantamount to an individual receiving a message that genuinely pertains to them, as opposed to receiving innumerable SMS marketing texts constantly.

When relevant messages are sent, it can make a significant difference in the end result. This is precisely why it is imperative for proprietors to integrate their customer relationship management with their messaging platform. If these two are in consonance, it can do wonders for the company.

A business must identify and isolate factors such as demographics and purchase history to shape and alter their SMS marketing campaign effectively. Furthermore, they can track and report their findings and implement these as they grow.

Keep it Short and Simple

Marketing experts believe that a business must exercise S.M.A.R.T tactics if they want to succeed in their SMS marketing endeavors. The make shift acronym represents Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Sensitive.

Experts state that 90% of text messages are accessed within minutes of receipt. Given the extraordinary frequency with which users receive texts, it is absolutely imperative to make it count. If the marketing team can use their words with heed and capture the attention of the consumer, then their efforts are not in vain.

Additionally, texts are similar to Tweets since they are conventionally limited to 160 characters, which is another reason marketers must use their space effectively. The faster they are able to convey their central message, the better their chances of success. A simple message which states the fundamental terms of an offer, like a 50% discount on their next purchase, is preferred in contrast to a lengthy text message which consumers may not even bother to read.

Timing is Significant

You may have heard the phrase ‘timing is everything’. This holds true in the case of SMS marketing as well. There are elements of time with regards to SMS marketing which must be adhered to. The first of which is to send texts which cite an expiry of the offer, as opposed to an open ended text.

The other important aspect of timing is to guarantee that texts are sent at the appropriate moment. For instance, it is actually important to send an SMS at a time when the consumer is likely to read and act on it.

If there is an exciting offer and the message is delivered on a Monday morning, it may defeat the purpose entirely if the consumer is at work and unable to visit the shop for instance. Little details like these make a world of a difference!

What Happens When You Use Printed Apparel to Promote Your Business

Most small businesses, large organizations, home businesses etc. are no strangers to creating promotional items for the purpose of promoting their business in the best way possible. While several businesses opt to invest in promotional items to prop up their business successfully, it’s also important to create quality items that actually stand out from the competition.

Simply put, if the only thing any brand gives out to their customers in the form of promotional items is keychains, pens, etc. then customers are bound to lose the value of these items much sooner than the brand might prefer. Apparel, on the other hand, is evergreen. This means that if a brand invests in promotional apparel rather than just items, the following could be obtained:

Positive Increase in Current Customer Database

As most brand owners already know, to achieve longstanding success, one should always ensure that the target audience includes the youth, for it is the youth, which is the future of any country. When brand owners make the conscious decision of upgrading from promotional items to promotional apparel or merchandise, a positive yet relevant increase in the customer database is guaranteed.

Depending on how much the brand invested in the quality as well as the material of the apparel, more and more people might be willing to wear it to certain events – such as gatherings with friends. Not to mention, word of mouth is the best and most rapid form of promotion of any brand.

Say Hello to Walking Advertisements

Whether you chose to opt for promotional shirts, t-shirts, dresses, caps, hats, etc., one thing is certainly guaranteed: anyone who wears it in public is simply advertising your brand name in the classiest way possible. Walking advertisements have long been known to be one of the best ways to attract a good amount of people and convince them to purchase from or invest more in your brand.

However, many brand owners previously believed that they could only make their own employees walk around in that. But if you pay close attention to the quality of your printed apparel that you hand out to prospective customers, you can certainly expect a lot of publicity. Thus, it is encouraged that you invest a decent chunk of money in this area to ensure that people actually will wear it later on as well.

A Larger Brand in Lesser Amount of Time

If you happen to be a startup brand that is currently rather small as in their initial stages, then you can certainly expect your brand to grow in a much shorter period of time. The common mistake made by most business owners is that they don’t pay any attention to their clients, and are instead all about making money in the initial stages. But if you happen to pay attention to promoting your brand with the help of your customers, you’re likely to receive longstanding success in a much shorter time frame.

For further inquiries regarding promotional items, contact Mark SYS.

What Makes Direct Mail and Promotional Items a Great Duo


A large chunk of business owners or entrepreneurs keenly believe that direct mail marketing is either outdated or just one of the best ways to send out advertisements directly to their clients’ mailboxes. While it’s true that many business owners do utilize the marketing strategy to do just that, there are many other things that direct mail marketing can be used for. Not to mention the rapid results that can be obtained through the brilliant marketing strategy.

At current, a lot of people tend to lean towards digital methods or host events just to hand out promotional items instead of turning to direct mail. Needless to say, the results are always much different. When you use direct mailing to send out promotional items, a lot factors come into play which corroborates that promotional items and direct mail go hand in hand.

You Get to Elect Your Target Audience

When you opt to send out promotional items with the help of direct mailing, you are in charge of who the recipients are. Often times, when organizations hold events and hand out promotional items to every person there, there’s a high chance of the items ending up in the garbage. Knowing your target audience and having an idea about how they’d react are factors that can help you know beforehand what the possible reaction might be. Not just that, a business owner is also more likely to understand the kind of promotional items they should design that would appeal to their target audience.

Your Items Are Less Likely to End Up In the Garbage

Think of it this way: when you send your customers a package that they were not expecting, it’s much like a surprise gift that just ended up on their doorstep. That way, regardless of what the item is, your clients are less likely to throw it away in the garbage. Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay close attention to the promotional items you’re designing. In fact, due to the selective list you will be sending out direct mails to, you can even go the extra mile to ensure the promotional items are useful to the clients in some way or the other and are appealing to the eye.

Immediate Feedbacks

If you opt to send out promotional items or samples of products via direct mails, you will also be able to get an immediate feedback from your clients or customers. If you use your own company’s mailing service, train the delivery man or woman to ask for feedback with their names. Even if the feedback is negative, and possibly not what you were aiming for, you will at least get an idea as to what changes you need to make either in your marketing strategy or in the quality of your items.

Direct mail marketing is certainly one of the best ways to promote your business, no matter what products or services you sell. If done correctly, direct mail certainly can help you grow your business to a whole other level. If you would like to know further about direct mail, contact Mark SYS.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is anything but extinct in this day and age. As a matter of fact, a large number of organizations invest a sum of $46 billion dollars or more on direct mail marketing each year. Although there’s a vast amount of benefits that many organizations have managed to avail from direct mail marketing, it’s still not a strategy that is devised to suit every company or business – especially if the company owner is not aware of how they can use direct mail marketing to their own advantage.

Thus, considering the pros and cons of direct mail marketing before adding it to your strategy is not just an intelligent thing to do, it can also help you understand whether your business can truly benefit from it or not.

The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • Cater to a large audience at once: One of the many reasons behind the popularity and efficacy of direct mail marketing is the fact that the company is able to cater to a large amount of people at one time. This means that they can reach out to that many people at one time, which of course, helps their business grow significantly. The best part is that the task of sending out direct mails can even be entrusted to a local mailman.
  • Ease of scaling it as per your needs: Many businesses might be under the impression that by opting for a direct mailing marketing strategy, their reach will be restricted to either a large audience or a small audience. However, the main benefit of direct mail marketing is that you’re in charge of scaling the audience – regardless of how big or small that is. This also gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reward long-term customers with loyalty gifts if they want to.
  • Ability to get an instant response: Often times, when companies decide to send out direct mails, they also hand out a response form along with it. This grants the company the ability to get an immediate response from their customers – which helps them understand whether the customers were appreciative of their efforts or not.

The Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • It can get costly: Companies that opt for direct mail marketing must understand that this can be rather costly – especially if they’re catering to a large audience. The cost of the person who will be personally delivering to each house also comes into consideration. Thus, small businesses don’t normally opt for this, or if they do, they cater to small audiences.
  • Perceived to be intrusive by many: A large amount of people actually do not appreciate a mailman showing up randomly at their doorstep – also depending on what the item is that they’re delivering. If what you’re sending out is absolutely useless to the customer, they won’t appreciate the effort. Thus, it’s crucial for the company to spend a good amount of thought to their direct mailing plan.