Direct Mail Ideas to Grow Your Local Business


Any communication that is conducted through post, emails, letters and the like is known as direct mail. Direct Mail can be a cost effective method of reaching current and potential customers and getting the message across. If done correctly, direct mail can have several benefits including augmenting business.

Direct mail can be an efficient marketing measure for small firms. Entrepreneurs of relatively smaller businesses are faced with a delicate balancing act: they must promote their products despite being unable to call on enormous resources. This is why direct mail should be an essential cog in their marketing machinery.

Targeted Message

Despite the prevalence of the internet and 21st century means of communication, direct mail still has a part to play. One way for a business to guarantee growth is by tailoring their message so that they target the correct audience.

Every dollar spent in lieu of advertising the firm’s products and services counts. As opposed to sending generic mail to potential customers and drawing their ire, small businesses are advised to modify the message being disseminated so that the objective is fulfilled.

In order to truly maximize the business and generate profits, mailing lists should be amended and the firm must set their sights on the ideal customer. They can be targeting based on variables such as age, income, household size and several other factors. If direct mail is executed using the appropriate planning, it can work wonders for small businesses.

Adding a Personal Touch

Going the extra mile or investing additional time can pay dividends when it comes to direct mail marketing. The ability to create a personal connection with customers is one of the advantages available to smaller businesses.

This perspective is shared by customers as well, since it allows them benefits like being on first name business with employees representing the business. For instance, if a customer has one to one contact with an employee at a small business, they can call in small favors like expedited delivery. This gives the business a distinctive edge.

Direct mail is useful since it allows the business to personalize the message they are aiming to convey so that the connection between both parties is apparent in their marketing endeavors. Furthermore, variable printing enables the business to address their message to specific customers instead of blanket greetings like ‘dear customer’. Color printing can be used to delineate images in direct mail which can capture the spirit of the company as well.

Make it Captivating

Direct mail enables businesses to have design input that can genuinely gain the customer’s attention. Nascent methods used by firms are Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Read (QR) codes respectively. These coalesce digital technology with direct mail and the business can add gloss by being innovative.

Also, firms can use Near Field Communication (NFC) as well, which entails mail recipients the ability to interact with the mail using their smartphones without downloading additional applications. Using such tech savvy means gives customers the impression that the business is serious about their aspirations.


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How Direct Mail Can Aid a Multi-Channel Approach

Direct mail can be an effective channel when used in a proper and timely manner. The multi channel approach is essential in reaching potential customers and sharing content with them. Our purpose is to look at how direct mail can be an integral part of a multi channel marketing campaign.

Personalized Touch

Personalization increases the likelihood that consumers will engage with your content and respond to it. Advanced direct mail providers can combine the marketing automation platform using application programming interfaces, which ensure that information pertaining to individuals can be personalized to include customer names and specific promotions accordingly.

Furthermore, with the right template and elements of personalization, the final mail piece can be printed and packed for mailing quickly. To cater to multi dimensional mailers, providers can stock materials beforehand and send in batches. An instance of adding personalization to great effect is delivering coupons to customers days before their birthday.

A comprehensive marketing automation platform enables you to redirect details to mail printers with the names and offers pertaining to each individual. As long as the format is unique and the delivery is completed in a timely manner, it augments the chances that the customer will take positive action.

Timely Release

If an advanced marketing automation platform is used, it would allow you to integrate a variety of marketing channels into a single campaign. As opposed to using emails for each and every form of communication in the strategy, it is better advised to incorporate direct mail.

This adds an important element to the marketing efforts and makes the customers feel valued. This is done by dynamic personalization, which gives you the opportunity to tailor the offers and content based on the customer. Moreover, adding this element to a marketing campaign improves the customer’s idea of the company, since the marketing is more personal.

Focused Effort

Direct mail also enables you to align the right audience and make a cogent effort after that. Marketing automation platforms allow you to manage costs by tailoring the criteria so that the most important audience is targeted.

Sending highly relevant information to customers can be an advantageous exercise. This technique is also useful for B2B marketers as well. For instance, if a marketer is aiming for those who want to attend higher education universities, they can send them a direct mail if these individuals download a specific asset from their website.

Greater Responses

Despite the growth and prevalence of digital marketing mediums, direct mail is still a viable alternative to create high response rates. Several surveys have found that direct mails have a favorable response rate when executed properly. In some cases, direct mail had a higher response rate in contrast to digital channels as well. Although it can prove expensive if done on a piece basis, it still delivers results.

How to Use Direct Mail Marketing for Your Home Business

Direct Mail

With the current generation relying so much on the digital world, many entrepreneurs have left behind the idea of incorporating strategies, such as direct mail marketing, completely. For people who run a home business, however, things can be a lot more tricky and challenging in this regard. This is mainly due to the vast variety of marketing strategies available for all entrepreneurs.

When it comes to advertising your commerce, the strategy you use can either make or break your case. Many businesses and firms make it a clear point to ensure that they use nothing but the best marketing strategy to sell their products and/or services.

Direct Mail Marketing

Despite common beliefs, direct mail is not old-fashioned. Factually speaking, it is still one of the most effective strategies to date. Direct mail is a structure of direct marketing – meaning that businesses can send content in the form of postcards, letters, promotional items, etc., to not just their customers but to a vast business market as well.

Direct mail marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies through which businesses don’t just manage to promote their products and services, but they are also able to enhance their customer database significantly. Although many entrepreneurs actively choose not to lean on this strategy, the advantages of it are still exceptionally great.

Using Direct Mail for Your Home Business

The comfort of running your business from the comfort of your own home is certainly the best feeling in the world. But that also means that you must be on top of your game at all times, due to the difference in business operations. However, by using direct mail to your advantage, a home business owner can certainly ensure that they manage their business in the best way possible. Here are some tactics you should use to your advantage:

Send Out Brochures

So many entrepreneurs make the common mistake of thinking that direct mail marketing is equivalent to advertisements. However, one of the most intelligent ways to use direct mail to your advantage is by sending out catalogs or brochures of your work, to your clients. This is the ideal way to let them know everything that you offer – not to mention, brochures and catalogs are less likely to end up in the trash.

Items for Sampling

A lot of entrepreneurs make use of direct mail marketing to send out samples of the products that they offer. That way, the recipient will know what the results of your products are, and so they might even invest in your venture, if satisfied. Although a bit more costly, sending out samples is a great way to increase your customer database.

Discounts or Vouchers

Many home businesses make use of direct mail marketing to send out discount cards or gift vouchers instead of sending the usual newsletter or mails that might be bothersome for the recipients. Not only does help promote your own venture but it also gives you the opportunity to make your clients happy.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is anything but extinct in this day and age. As a matter of fact, a large number of organizations invest a sum of $46 billion dollars or more on direct mail marketing each year. Although there’s a vast amount of benefits that many organizations have managed to avail from direct mail marketing, it’s still not a strategy that is devised to suit every company or business – especially if the company owner is not aware of how they can use direct mail marketing to their own advantage.

Thus, considering the pros and cons of direct mail marketing before adding it to your strategy is not just an intelligent thing to do, it can also help you understand whether your business can truly benefit from it or not.

The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • Cater to a large audience at once: One of the many reasons behind the popularity and efficacy of direct mail marketing is the fact that the company is able to cater to a large amount of people at one time. This means that they can reach out to that many people at one time, which of course, helps their business grow significantly. The best part is that the task of sending out direct mails can even be entrusted to a local mailman.
  • Ease of scaling it as per your needs: Many businesses might be under the impression that by opting for a direct mailing marketing strategy, their reach will be restricted to either a large audience or a small audience. However, the main benefit of direct mail marketing is that you’re in charge of scaling the audience – regardless of how big or small that is. This also gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reward long-term customers with loyalty gifts if they want to.
  • Ability to get an instant response: Often times, when companies decide to send out direct mails, they also hand out a response form along with it. This grants the company the ability to get an immediate response from their customers – which helps them understand whether the customers were appreciative of their efforts or not.

The Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • It can get costly: Companies that opt for direct mail marketing must understand that this can be rather costly – especially if they’re catering to a large audience. The cost of the person who will be personally delivering to each house also comes into consideration. Thus, small businesses don’t normally opt for this, or if they do, they cater to small audiences.
  • Perceived to be intrusive by many: A large amount of people actually do not appreciate a mailman showing up randomly at their doorstep – also depending on what the item is that they’re delivering. If what you’re sending out is absolutely useless to the customer, they won’t appreciate the effort. Thus, it’s crucial for the company to spend a good amount of thought to their direct mailing plan.