Is Direct Mail Still Relevant In The Digital Age?

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Just as how no one today will ride on a horse-drawn carriage if they can travel on a car, you may think that direct mail is  not relevant in a time of emails and social media message applications.

Although online marketing has recently taken the world by storm, direct mail still has a certain unbeatable appeal of its own. It is still an effective and a unique way to connect with your audience on a more personal level.
Direct mail refers to sending out personalized letters, postcards, or brochures to a customer or prospective customer.

Here are a few reasons why direct mail isn’t dead and is still relevant, even in the digital age.

Direct Mail Is Easy For Customers

One reason why direct mail is still useful today is that it is more easily understood by customers. According to one study, direct mail requires a lot less brainpower and time. Your customers don’t have to put too much thought into understanding direct mail.

Any successful marketing campaign requires that the audience responds well to it. Since direct mail is so easily understood by the customer, they are more likely to respond favorably to it.

Direct Mail Has a Better Response Rate

Studies have shown that direct mail has a much higher customer response rate than any online form of marketing. Roughly 4.4% of direct mail campaigns receive a response as compared to just 0.12% of online campaigns.

What this implies is that if you deliver mail to about a 1000 people, 44 more people are likely to respond to your direct mail rather than your email.

So if you are currently spending most of your marketing budget on emails, you might want to stop now and start allocating more budget towards direct mail.

Direct Mail is More Personal

Generally, for any marketing campaign to be a success, it needs to leave an impression on you. For example, certain advertisements are so good that you can’t seem to forget them.

A successful marketing campaign must have an impact on the audience’s sensibilities. They need to connect with the brand on a more personal and emotional level.

Because direct mail is so much more personal than any other form of marketing, it really allows the audience to form emotional attachments with the brand and to become a loyal customer of the brand.

These three reasons have made it abundantly clear that direct mail is still very relevant, even in today’s digital age. So what are you waiting for? Start allocating your budget away from large-scale, impersonal advertising and online marketing campaigns, towards direct mail.

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Unique Email Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

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All businesses need to have an effective marketing strategy if they are to succeed in today’s world. Digital marketing is slowly taking over the world and you need to stay ahead in the game otherwise you will be left far behind.

The latest way to reach out to customers and expand your customer outreach is through email marketing. This means that every few weeks or even once a month, you send out a newsletter to customers to keep them updated with all the major developments at the restaurant, such as an updated menu.
According to research, email marketing can lead to an increase in revenue for the restaurant by up to 138%.

If you are a restaurant owner currently, or if you hope to soon open up your own restaurant, these unique email marketing ideas for restaurants are sure to help you out!

1. Carefully Craft Your Email List

There is little point in adding just anyone and everyone to your email list. People, who genuinely are not interested in hearing from you, will simply unsubscribe. You will essentially be wasting your time and effort sending emails to people who don’t want to receive them.

Make sure that whoever you add to your email list has consented to being on it and actually cares about receiving emails from you.

The days when you could force people to subscribe to your newsletter are long gone. Today’s age is all about customer consideration.
You will definitely get the best results if you take out time to carefully craft your email list.

2. Offer Discounts to Those on Your Email List

Once you have carefully handpicked who should be on your email list, the next step is to make sure that those on your email list feel special and important.

After all, who doesn’t like to be made feel special?

You can offer weekly or two-weekly discounts and deals to those on your list. Imagine them opening up their email one day to see a 15% off voucher or a free drink coupon in their email. It might just make their day and you will have a loyal customer for life!

3. Ask For Dish Recommendations

Another effective email marketing strategy is to have your subscribers vote on which new dishes should be introduced. This will allow your customers to feel special and valued because they will feel as though their opinion really does matter.

Not only does this work in favor of your subscribers, it also works out well for you. You will get recommendations from your subscribers so you will know which dishes are likely to be profitable if introduced. This can boost future restaurant sales.

4. Share Useful Information

Even if you aren’t too keen on giving out free food or discounts or even asking for recommendations, a newsletter can still be pretty helpful.
You can use the newsletter to inform customers about important things. For example, if one branch your restaurant is shutting down and relocating to a separate location, you would want your loyal customers to know and a newsletter can be useful in this regard.
So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these four unique email marketing ideas for restaurants right away!

At MarkSYS, we want to help you out with all your marketing efforts to make sure they are a success. For more information call us at (855) 627-5797 or 916-745-4883 or visit website to find out more.