Direct Mail Ideas to Grow Your Local Business


Any communication that is conducted through post, emails, letters and the like is known as direct mail. Direct Mail can be a cost effective method of reaching current and potential customers and getting the message across. If done correctly, direct mail can have several benefits including augmenting business.

Direct mail can be an efficient marketing measure for small firms. Entrepreneurs of relatively smaller businesses are faced with a delicate balancing act: they must promote their products despite being unable to call on enormous resources. This is why direct mail should be an essential cog in their marketing machinery.

Targeted Message

Despite the prevalence of the internet and 21st century means of communication, direct mail still has a part to play. One way for a business to guarantee growth is by tailoring their message so that they target the correct audience.

Every dollar spent in lieu of advertising the firm’s products and services counts. As opposed to sending generic mail to potential customers and drawing their ire, small businesses are advised to modify the message being disseminated so that the objective is fulfilled.

In order to truly maximize the business and generate profits, mailing lists should be amended and the firm must set their sights on the ideal customer. They can be targeting based on variables such as age, income, household size and several other factors. If direct mail is executed using the appropriate planning, it can work wonders for small businesses.

Adding a Personal Touch

Going the extra mile or investing additional time can pay dividends when it comes to direct mail marketing. The ability to create a personal connection with customers is one of the advantages available to smaller businesses.

This perspective is shared by customers as well, since it allows them benefits like being on first name business with employees representing the business. For instance, if a customer has one to one contact with an employee at a small business, they can call in small favors like expedited delivery. This gives the business a distinctive edge.

Direct mail is useful since it allows the business to personalize the message they are aiming to convey so that the connection between both parties is apparent in their marketing endeavors. Furthermore, variable printing enables the business to address their message to specific customers instead of blanket greetings like ‘dear customer’. Color printing can be used to delineate images in direct mail which can capture the spirit of the company as well.

Make it Captivating

Direct mail enables businesses to have design input that can genuinely gain the customer’s attention. Nascent methods used by firms are Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Read (QR) codes respectively. These coalesce digital technology with direct mail and the business can add gloss by being innovative.

Also, firms can use Near Field Communication (NFC) as well, which entails mail recipients the ability to interact with the mail using their smartphones without downloading additional applications. Using such tech savvy means gives customers the impression that the business is serious about their aspirations.


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How to Forge an Enduring Rapport with Customers

The customer is always right is an old adage purported by entrepreneurs of yesteryear such as Harry Gordon Selfridge and Marshall Field. The proverb emphasizes the notion that customer satisfaction is paramount. A thriving enterprise relies on customers for profit maximization and all round success.

Organizations worth their salt comprehend that maintaining enduring relationships with their customers is critical. A sustained engagement with their customers will ensure brand loyalty which is tantamount to repeat business. Hence, we will look at techniques they can adopt to ensure that customers keep returning.

Provide Value (For Money)

One of the foremost methods of assuring customer retention is the provision of value. This does not always necessarily apply in pecuniary terms only but in terms of the products and its quality as well. When a business is devising a strategy aimed at encouraging customers to keep coming back, they must focus on what the customers want i.e. the products or services they are seeking.

The development of viable content and cogent brand experience can guarantee that customers are well connected to the business. If the latter is able to add recognizable value to the lives of their customers, that will suffice and lead to an abiding bond between both parties.

With regards to the monetary aspect of transactions, when customers are acquiring goods, they choose commodities which they feel fulfils their needs and are available at respectable prices. Therefore, an organization that intends to have lucrative operations must ascertain that they do not drive customers in the opposite direction with their pricing or any other practices for that matter.

Comprehend Customer Needs

It is imperative for the business to gauge what their brand represents and what meaning it holds for their customers. For instance, customers will look to a restaurant and their delectable meals may resonate with them. Likewise, customers may associate with a clothing retail company’s attire and consider it stylish and goods worth investing in. This is why they may purchase attire from the latter repeatedly.

Fortunately for firms, they can understand the propensities of their customers using data analytics tools at their disposal. For example, a business can use software to observe which of the webpages on their websites attract the most traffic. In the case of the clothes manufacturers, if their jackets have the highest number of visitors, they can match these numbers with their sales and draw their conclusions accordingly.

Customer Engagement

Naturally, this is a significant aspect of any venture’s modus operandi. Long term customers typically do more than just invest in what the company offers. They establish a connection with the business as well, which serves as an incentive for them to become ardent customers in the long run.

Customer engagement can be executed using measures like a thorough website, delivery of email messages and uploading social media posts. Such exposition guarantees that customers remain engaged in the affairs of the business since it creates brand awareness and piques their interest also.

Businesses can also tailor and personalize their interactions with their customers for augmented commitment. If they have the right tools in place, they can accumulate information and implement it for their gain. The outcome will be that customers will feel that they are on a one to one basis with the company.

Customer Service

It is par for the course that customers will face concerns or have queries. For instance, they may be required to contact the business if they are seeking information pertaining to a product or if they want to return or exchange a commodity they purchased.

One way to create a long lasting connection with clients and customers is to cater to their needs. This involves ensuring that customer services are top notch and the personnel involved meet the needs of customers. Prompt customer service will convince customers that the business prioritises them.


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