The Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, direct mail marketing is anything but extinct in this day and age. As a matter of fact, a large number of organizations invest a sum of $46 billion dollars or more on direct mail marketing each year. Although there’s a vast amount of benefits that many organizations have managed to avail from direct mail marketing, it’s still not a strategy that is devised to suit every company or business – especially if the company owner is not aware of how they can use direct mail marketing to their own advantage.

Thus, considering the pros and cons of direct mail marketing before adding it to your strategy is not just an intelligent thing to do, it can also help you understand whether your business can truly benefit from it or not.

The Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • Cater to a large audience at once: One of the many reasons behind the popularity and efficacy of direct mail marketing is the fact that the company is able to cater to a large amount of people at one time. This means that they can reach out to that many people at one time, which of course, helps their business grow significantly. The best part is that the task of sending out direct mails can even be entrusted to a local mailman.
  • Ease of scaling it as per your needs: Many businesses might be under the impression that by opting for a direct mailing marketing strategy, their reach will be restricted to either a large audience or a small audience. However, the main benefit of direct mail marketing is that you’re in charge of scaling the audience – regardless of how big or small that is. This also gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reward long-term customers with loyalty gifts if they want to.
  • Ability to get an instant response: Often times, when companies decide to send out direct mails, they also hand out a response form along with it. This grants the company the ability to get an immediate response from their customers – which helps them understand whether the customers were appreciative of their efforts or not.

The Disadvantages of Direct Mail Marketing

  • It can get costly: Companies that opt for direct mail marketing must understand that this can be rather costly – especially if they’re catering to a large audience. The cost of the person who will be personally delivering to each house also comes into consideration. Thus, small businesses don’t normally opt for this, or if they do, they cater to small audiences.
  • Perceived to be intrusive by many: A large amount of people actually do not appreciate a mailman showing up randomly at their doorstep – also depending on what the item is that they’re delivering. If what you’re sending out is absolutely useless to the customer, they won’t appreciate the effort. Thus, it’s crucial for the company to spend a good amount of thought to their direct mailing plan.

3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

3 Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

Email marketing is the process of sending out mass emails in order to promote a company’s brand, product or service. Email marketing is a strategy that has become a core component for businesses all around the world due to the profound applications that it provides in relation to a business’s overall market reach, market awareness and the business’ respective digital footprint.

A prevalent misconception that most people have is that email marketing is nothing more than a mindless email barrage. However, email marketing empowers businesses by granting them the unique ability to keep their customers informed in an interactive and convenient manner.

In order to exonerate why email marketing is still a prevailing mode of marketing in today’s day and age, here are the top three reasons why email marketing still proves to be highly useful:

Effective Way to Keep Everyone Informed

Every business has a respective persona and culture which is communicated to their customers through their marketing strategy. This can be incredibly challenging to do for a company that caters to a huge customer data base or target audience. However, by incorporating email marketing into their marketing strategy, a company or business can easily keep their audience informed by generating mass emails at one time. This is exceptionally useful when the company introduces a new brand, product or service – as well as when the company wants to spread out the word about discounts, sales, etc.

It’s Highly Cost Effective

When companies design their marketing strategy, it is important to keep their budget in check too. For this reason, among other complications, many companies fail to devise a marketing strategy that is effective due to the reason that most of them are expensive. Email marketing, however, is one of the most inexpensive ways to reach out to a broad audience and if done correctly, the company can expect to generate an impressive response from their consumers and potential customers. As inexpensive as it is, email marketing is way more convenient too. Not to mention, that this is also one of the most effective marketing strategies – especially for startup brands or companies.

Increase in Customer Database

Many companies don’t really see the beauty of email marketing, because they’re unaware of how to use the excellence of it to their advantage. Companies that send out spam filled emails or advertisements on a daily business to their customer database can certainly expect to see a decline in their database in a matter of minutes post-sending the email. But a company that strategizes correctly and schedules their emails as well as pays a good amount of thought to what the email contains for the customer, is likely to see a significant increase in their customer database. One should also bear in mind that by sending out emails to their customers that are appealing, they can expect their customers to talk about it with friends, family, etc. Hence, word of mouth is also one way through which you can attract more customers.

These are just 3 simple reasons as to why email marketing still works in this day and age. For information regarding email marketing, contact Mark SYS to improve your marketing strategy today!

4 Ways Promotional Products Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Improve Your Marketing Strategy

As a business owner, one should always be on the lookout for factors that can improve their current marketing strategy. A company’s marketing strategy is what makes or breaks the brand, whether they realize this in the beginning or not. If a company fails to incorporate a decent marketing strategy into their business, it can be rather difficult for them to acquire the customer database as well as the profit that they intend to achieve.

However, one of the most prominent things to improve one’s marketing strategy is to add promotional products into the mix. By doing so, an entrepreneur can bet their bottom dollar that their business is going to excel and flourish beyond belief.

Here are 4 of the most evident ways promotional products can improve your marketing strategy:

1.      They Help You Reach a Broader Audience

Promotional items can do wonders for a business, due to the basic fact that they can help broaden your reach by quite a margin. When a business invests in promotional products or items, more and more people get to know about the certain brand or company. In addition to that, a survey that was conducted on the subject concluded that more than 55% of the people keep these items for at least a year or more, which also concludes that they would remember your brand or company for that long too.

2.      They Help You Make an Impact

Depending on how much thought you give to the promotional items you design for your company, as well as how much you are willing to invest in these products, it is certainly one of the best ways to speak to your audience without saying much. The way, you design these products and how much you invest in them is certainly a representation of you as a business owner.

3.      Significant Increase in Sale

When you make promotional products, and more and more people become accustomed to who you are as a company and a brand, you can certainly expect an increase in sale. This occurs due to the fact that – depending on how much your promotional products were helpful to consumers – word of mouth gets across really fast. The more people know about your brand and your efforts to promote your brand in the best way possible, the more people would want to invest in your brand as a consumer.

4.      It’s Brand Promotion at Its Best

If you haven’t ever given much thought to branding, then you’re definitely doing something wrong as a business owner. Promoting your brand is entirely your job and expecting someone else to do it for you is simply not going to happen. By investing in high-end promotional items for your brand, you are able to communicate with not just the consumers and potential customers, but you also prove your worth in the market as a brand owner.

Creating promotional items does not have to be expensive. In fact, if you opt for Mark SYS, then you’ll find that this can actually be highly cost-effective for you – not to mention the high-end material they use to make sure your promotional items are topnotch.

SMS Text Marketing: Why is it particularly good for small businesses?

SMS Text Marketing

While bigger and more established businesses are just as welcome to benefit from SMS text marketing than anyone else, this particular marketing tool is especially great for small business owners.


For starters, small business owners are more in need for building brand awareness. They are new in the field and the only way they can ever make sales is dependent on getting discovered first. You might be thinking that why not use social media for this? After all, isn’t that all the rage these days?

While social media as a marketing tool, to be honest, is hard to compete with, if for a business that is just starting out, going even more basic to connect with their audience might get them better results.

So what is even more basic than setting up a Facebook account to not just connect with your friends and follow your favorite businesses’ Facebook page? An e-mail address that is perhaps subscribed to their mailing list? And what is even more basic than having an e-mail address?

Your phone number!

Did you know that an average person is likely to open any text they receive within just 3 minutes of receiving it? That is pretty impressive. There are several other benefits that SMS messages offer as well. You don’t have to type lengthy content to talk about who you are what your small business is all about—you just get straight to the point. You can also include coupon codes for discounts, short, simple and fun poll questions as well all of which that will not only help your target audience know who you are, but also help boost engagement.

As a small business that is just starting out, you probably want to concentrate on a lot of things and marketing is just one of them. Another great thing which makes SMS text marketing the perfect marketing tool for you is the convenience it offers. Once you have a list of numbers, all you have to do is to press a button.

Perhaps what makes SMS text marketing such an amazing marketing tool is its reach. How many people do you know who are without a smartphone in today’s world? While some people may even deactivate their social media accounts and end up missing on great promotions of their favorite businesses, SMS text marketing can still help you keep them in the loop.

At MarkSYS we believe that the success of any marketing campaign, text messaging marketing or otherwise depends on how it is planned and executed. The success of your SMS text marketing depends on a lot of things, compiling the list of your target audience being one of those major things. To know more about how this may just be the marketing tool for you, please get in touch with us today.

Oh, and MarkSYS also allows its potential clients to get a Free Quote for the services they wish to avail from us.

Mailing List: Does Your Business Need One?

Mailing List

Whether it is e-mails or phone calls that you wish to use to market your business through, if you do not have a targeted list of people that you want those messages to be sent to even the best of your marketing efforts would go to waste.

So does your business need a mailing list?


This is all the more important for e-mail marketing. No matter what anyone says, people still do check their inboxes for e-mails and you never know when they might just click the message you sent them!

That is, if they ever get it!

Any marketing campaign that you may set up for your business can only be successful in achieving its objectives if it ever reaches its target audience. And a mailing list helps you do this exactly. The most amazing perk that you get from having your very own mailing list is the exclusivity. It is yours and you do not have to compete with any other mailing list to ensure that it remains on the top of all the other mailing lists out there….something which is a common feature of SEO.

You do not have to worry about your mailing list being hidden under hundreds and thousands of other mailing lists because the channel is such where you get a chance to establish rapport with your target audience directly, without any intrusions in between.

How do you compile a mailing list?

Agreed that it is important, how does a business owner go about setting their own mailing list? Do they just randomly start collecting e-mail addresses make up a list and call it a day?

Well, that is one chaotic, time consuming way of doing it, but if you really are serious about doing business and really want the value for the money you are spending on your e-mail campaign, you need to come up with a more targeted and systematic approach.

You need to get in touch with the right kind of audience, provide them with the right kind of incentives which would help them trust you enough to give their e-mail address to you.

After all, do you really think people enjoy getting an e-mail notification from just about anything?

MarkSYS can help you compile a mailing list that would be designed keeping in mind the needs and goals of your business. Each and every e-mail address that makes its way onto the mailing list of your business is actually going to be relevant to what product and service that you are marketing.

How do we come up with all the right people? Where are we getting all our data from? Is our available data in lieu with the industry your business is currently set in? To find out answers to these questions and more, please click here.