The Best Direct Marketing Method for Your Business

ringless voicemail Marketing Method

Several businesses go so long without having the right marketing method for their business. What this does is that their business in the long run suffers a lot. They are investing all these resources into their marketing efforts yet still not getting the results they are aiming for.

If you too are tired of trying out one marketing strategy after another without getting any real results, ringless voicemail marketing is just the thing for you.

The plethora of benefits that it brings with it makes it the ideal technique for your business!

Professionals who are affiliated with the field of sales and telemarketing probably have some idea of their target audience gets so annoyed when they receive a call from a promoter or a sales person. Most of those people won’t even stay on the line for long enough for you to finish your sentence; they’ll hand up midway. On the other hand you have people who won’t even pick up your call because they simply do not recognize the number that’s calling them.

Ringless voicemail, in such scenarios, changes everything!  Now you can pre-record whatever message you wish to send across to your target audience and be sure that it is going to be received by them. What makes us so sure that it is going to be received by your target audience? Well, since it is a ringless voicemail message, the phone of your target audience won’t ring so neither they would be picking up only to cut the phone, neither would they have to reject the phone call because they do not recognize the number.

The pre-recorded voicemail that contains your business’ message will go straight to their voicemail box without any intervening of any sort. Through implementing ringless voicemail marketing several companies have reported that their rate of inbound call backs has significantly gone up. So if you too have been let down by previous telemarketing techniques, we urge you to give ringless voicemail a try.

Your target audience wants to know who is calling and with what message before they can decide whether they wish to discard the message or respond back to it. Ringless voicemail places that control in their hands. They can go through the voicemail message at their own convenience and can take a decision likewise.

Hence, there is absolutely no wonder why this direct marketing strategy has become such a favorite with businesses all over the world.

If you too would like to enjoy its benefits, please feel free to get in touch with Mark SYS today. Our dedicated team of highly professional marketing experts will help you come up with a marketing plan that fits your business, just the way you want it too. We will make sure that your marketing efforts bring you value for your money. Get started Here. 

3 Absolutely Amazing Ways E-mail Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business

email marketing

With all our time taken by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media apps, you may be wondering who even gets time to go into their email inbox let alone read what the inbox contains!

So, what does this mean for those who once considered e-mails to be a really important and highly effective marketing tool for businesses? Well, they can still consider it to be pretty much effective in doing its job. While this is true that we are constantly bombarded with notifications from our social media accounts most of the time, this does not discredit e-mails in any way whatsoever.

They are excellent marketing tools that have helped and continue to help businesses grow in several ways. Let’s have a quick look at some of them:

1: A marketing technique that is in your control:

One of the things that have a direct impact on the effectiveness of any marketing tool depends on whether or not it is even reaching the target audience. A great e-mail marketing campaign is one of the most reliable ways of ensuring that your brand’s message is received by the people who it was intended for.

2: Allows promotion of brand like nothing else:

With the right kind of targeted content written inside those e-mails, you can build your brand’s awareness in a highly effective manner. Emails don’t restrict you to just keep your message to a line or two. You can use the extra space to talk about your business in a manner which would instantly resonate with your audience.

3: Helps connect with customers:

The third amazing way e-mails can help you grow your business is actually connected to the previous two points. The fact that e-mails are such a direct way of connecting to your customers and you have all that space to really make your message get across, e-mails consequently help you connect with your customers in a more fulfilling manner too.

The interaction remains between you and your audience only and you can easily build rapport with them. We don’t think anyone needs any explanation on how good rapport between a business and its audience can help it in growing.

It is kind of self-explanatory.

E-mails when used as a marketing tool can help you achieve a lot more than just these 3 benefits. However, how effective e-mails are in helping you achieve your marketing objectives depends on how the e-mail campaign is set. You cannot write just a bunch of e-mails together and forward them to your audience.

It is a systematic process that needs to be followed properly. Our team of professionals at MarkSYS can help you set an amazing e-mail marketing campaign that is going to be customized according to your business’s needs and goals.

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3 Ways Promotional Items Help Grow Your Business

Promotional Items

Promotional items are considered effective branding tools for a reason.

They help you grow your business in more than just one way. So if you are also interested in learning the benefits you can reap for your business, by including promotional items in your marketing strategy, following are some reasons for you to go through.

1: Promotional Items Help Your Customers/Clients Remember You:

You want your customers and/or clients to continue doing business with you. Client retention is done very smoothly through promotional items. Every time they look at something that they got from you, they are automatically reminded of your business. The key to getting this point to work for you is to include promotional items that are going to be of use to your clients.

The more they use them, the more your business is likely to remain in their stream of consciousness.

2: Promotional Items Help Give Your Customers/Clients a Sense of importance:

When it comes to making someone feel like they matter or that you value their presence, what could be a better way than to give them a gift!

Promotional items do the same for your business. When your client or customer receives them, they automatically get this feeling that they matter. We all want to feel like we matter and promotional items is a great, inexpensive way of letting your clients feel exactly that.

3: Promotional Items Help Establish a Positive Image for Your Business/Brand:

Several surveys suggest that clients and/or customers who receive promotional items from a business are more likely to view that business in a positive light. This could be attributed to the points mentioned above. Naturally, when your clients feel like they matter to you they are likely to view your business as a good one.

These 3 points when combined together can do amazing things for your business. However, getting the right promotional items to deliver these 3 points is a crucial decision. When selecting items which you would like to deliver to your clients for promoting your business, not only do you have to keep their utility in use, but you also have to make sure that they are relevant to your business. For example, if you run a recycling company, a recycled bag would be a more useful promotional item than an ink pen with your business’ name on it. Not that an ink pen would not be useful, but a bag made out of recycled material reflects your business’ motto (recycling, environment consciousness etc.) more effectively and hence is likely to yield better results.

So once you have selected which items would you like to include in your marketing strategy to get the word around for your business, the next step is to select a good service provider who caters to promotional items. If you are looking for one, our experts at MarkSYS can help you not just pick the right promotional items but also provide them to you! Get in touch with us today.


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The Easiest Way to Build Amazing Relationships with Your Customers

Build Amazing Relationships

Build Amazing Relationships

The promotional items you select for your business can help you build amazing relationships with your customers. And when it comes to a successful business, a good strong relationship with your customers is one factor that cannot be overlooked.

Promotional Items: Why do they work so well?

The easiest way to understand why promotional items work so well in establishing a good rep between you and your clients is to think back to the last time you received a gift from someone.

How did that make you feel?

Pretty special, right?

That’s exactly what receiving promotional items feels like to your customers. It makes them feel like they matter to you. It automatically makes them perceive your business as a good one. In addition to having a strong social media presence, where you connect with your customers immediately and effectively, it would be an extremely smart move to include promotional items in your marketing strategy as well, to further foster a good relationship with your clients.

Increase Brand Recognition like Never Before:

If you think that fostering good relationships with your clients is the only benefit you get from sending out promotional items, then you are in for a surprise! Promotional gifts help do a number of amazing things for your business. Studies suggest that when compared to other forms of advertisement, promotional items can help get the word about your business for a longer interval.

Your clients may see your business’ advertisement in a magazine or even on Facebook, but that’s likely to disappear after a little while. A promotional item on the other hand, is more likely to be in their field of vision for a long, long time.

And its more likely to last for a long, long time too!

Promotional items can also get other possible clients curious about your business. They may see a pen with your business’ name on one of your existing client’s table and ask about you. One thing could lead to another and you may just land yourself more clients.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get from using promotional items. All in all, if building stronger, better relationships with your clients is on your agenda, promotional gifts can help you achieve this objective easily. All you need to do is to select the right promotional item for your business.

And if you need any help with that, our team of experts at MarkSYS would be delighted to help you with it. Not only would they help you decide the right promotional items, but they would also be providing those promotional items to you.

We make sure that we give nothing but the best to our clients, which is why quality of our promotional gifts is something that we are very particular about.

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6 Reasons for You to Integrate SMS Marketing in Your Campaign Today

SMS Marketing

vIf you still haven’t experienced the benefits of SMS marketing, you are missing out on a lot! Here are some of our most convincing reasons to get you on board as well!

1: Get Your Message Across Instantly:

Reaching out to your customers via SMS remains one of the fastest ways of reaching out to your target consumers. And considering how almost everyone has their phone in their hands all the time, the rate at which your message is likely to get read is pretty high too.

2: SMS Marketing Is an Excellent Survey Tool:

Feedback is important for the growth of any business. SMS marketing is yet another way of getting feedback from your target audiences pretty quickly. Just make a small survey that could easily fit an SMS format and press send.

That’s literally it!

3: SMS vs. E-mails:

While e-mail campaigns are equally effective in doing what they are designed for, when it comes to comparing them with a SMS message, the latter takes the cake.

And it is pretty simple to understand why that happens. People tend to check their phone’s inbox more than their e-mail’s inbox because their phone’s inbox is more quickly accessible. Hence, SMS messages tend to enjoy a much higher open-rate as compared to e-mail message. Not only do they enjoy a higher open-rate, SMS messages also have high conversion rates!

Several marketing experts agree that you are likely to get more subscribers through SMS than any other feature.

4: Can be Easily Integrated with Other Features:

Another really amazing thing about the SMS feature is how it can so easily be customized to fit your business’ needs. Not just that, but you can then take your customized SMS message and have it integrated into various other online marketing strategies (social media campaigns, for example) as well!

5: Provides a Golden Opportunity to Connect with Every Potential Customer:

How many people do you know who don’t own a cell phone?


Just imagine the number of audience members you can reach out to from your pool, just by sending them an SMS message.

6: Is a Clear and Concise Communication Channel:

While several businesses may struggle with saying all that they want to say in a limited number of words, the word limit that an SMS has forces businesses to be clear and concise.

While in other means of communicating you can go on and on about a service that your business offers, this might very well put a lot of target consumers off and you may lose their interest. On the other hand, receiving a SMS message lets you target consumer know what it is that you are advertising right away.

Interested in learning more about SMS marketing and how you can launch your own SMS marketing campaign? Get in touch with our team of experts right away!


Telemarketing Breakthrough: Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Ever wondered if there was a way you could increase your business’ inbound call backs?

Then Ringless Voicemail is what you are looking for.

If you do not know what this strategy is basically about, it’s pretty easy to understand what it is and why does it work so well. You have probably heard so many people complaining how several telemarketing strategies don’t seem to work that well.


Because most of your target audience won’t pick up calls from unknown numbers…kind of which defeats the main purpose of telemarketing. If you are opting for telemarketing, how would your target consumer ever get back to you if they won’t even pick up the call in the first place!

Second, it is not always possible that your target audience may be available to pick up your call every single time you call them. They may be busy elsewhere and may miss your call completely.

This is where ringless voicemail marketing changes the game.

This telemarketing strategy gives control to both the business owner as well as the target consumer. Using this highly innovative marketing strategy, your team can deliver their desired messages to all their target audience and the target audience can then listen to the voicemail when they have time. And the fact that it is ringless, there is literally zero inconvenience caused to the target audience.

What’s more is that listening to a voicemail message, they would know right away who is calling and for purpose are they calling for. This automatically increases the chances of your target audience returning your call and expressing their interest in your product or service.

There is another reason why ringless voicemail messages work so well. Most people tend to prefer listening to messages, rather than reading them! On your end you can customize the voicemail message whichever way you see it fit (can even add your target audiences’ names, if you have them!) and just send them straight over to their voicemail inbox.

Yet another advantage of ringless voicemail messages is the practicality of it. Imagine making 100+ calls to various people from your audience pool and then talking to them if they ever pick up! The exhaustion would be real. A recorded voicemail message on the other hand makes all of this so much easier!

So is this marketing strategy for you?

Well, it is all about what results you are looking for. Since we feel that more than half of the calls made to your target consumers usually go straight to the voicemail either way, why not spend time and money and get better results which streamline your efforts in that direction from the very start of your marketing campaign?

If you are interested in learning more about this highly recommended service, get in touch with us at Marks SYS. Our team of ringless voicemail marketing experts would love to explain things to you and further assisting you how this service could benefit your business.




Connecting with Your Customers: Boost Your Sales Today

Personalized URLs


Part of starting a business is to run it successfully, consistently.

Thanks to the internet, that goal has become more achievable than ever.

One of the major things that have a direct impact on how well your business does is your relationship with your customers. After all, if it is not for them who are you going to do business with? Hence, it is important that every business owner out there must focus on fostering better and stronger relationships with their clients.

And like we said, the internet makes this a piece of cake. The stronger your presence is on various social media websites, the easier it becomes for your customers (as well as potential customers) to reach out to you, have their queries answered in almost no time and consequently boosting your sales.

While there is a plethora of benefits that business can reap from having a better social media presence, building a strong social media presence takes time and consistent effort. Things can progress faster if professionals are involved in this process as they know the ins and outs of how to brand and promote your business online.

You may think that how can setting up your business profile on Twitter or on Facebook be so hard? Why would anybody need professional help for that? When you consider the number of competitors any one business related to any one field has, it is easier to understand why you would need professional help. You do not have to just set your profile; you have to promote it in a manner where it stands out from your competitors.

Only then you would be able to attract clients.

Professional marketing and communication agencies cannot only help you improve your brand’s presence on social media but they can also help you do better and smart marketing to get the maximum from any campaign you decide to launch for your business. Perhaps you want to revamp your website and get a more personalized URL? These agencies could help you with that too.

Personalized URLs are extremely important when it comes to building your brand and are even directly related to building a stronger online presence as well. If your URL is your business’ name (which makes it a personalized one) the easier it would be for people to find it on online.

Not to mention how much more professional it looks than a default URL!  The best part about a personalized URL is how you can further customize it according to your needs. Whichever way you want the URL to reflect what your brand is all about, it can be done.

Confused where you can get your personalized URL from? Look no further than MarkSYS—your one-stop place for everything related to your business’ communication and marketing needs. To know more about their personalized URL service, click here.