How Does Banner Advertisement Work

Banner ads

Among all the different ways through which a business owner can advertise their company successfully, banner advertisements are certainly a top favorite. This is because of the results they can produce. However, the fact of the matter is that not every business or company understands the dos and don’ts of having banners despite the method of advertisement being around since the early ‘90s.

What Are Banner Advertisements?

In laymen terms, banner advertising is a type of advertising over the web, through banners. It’s also called display advertising – while many also opt for text-only advertisements. But when it comes to banner advertisements, visuals are almost always used especially because they help grab attention much better than text-only advertisements. The main goal of putting up a banner ad is to promote one’s brand or business. If a potential customer clicks on the banner ad, they are redirected to the website or specified landing page set by the advertiser.

Types of Banner Ads

As aforementioned, banner advertisements are banners that are displayed on web pages with the help of Flash or HTML5. There are two main types of banner advertisements.

Static Banner Ads: Static banner ads make use of a simple image promoting the brand or the product as chosen by the advertiser. The ad is either placed at the right side of the web page, bottom, and top or somewhere in the middle. By clicking on the image, the person is redirected to a specified landing page.

Animated Banner Ads: Animated banner ads are also known as web banners and are more commonly known to be a type of digital advertisements. These ads can be GIFs or short videos that serve the same purpose as the one before – to redirect the user to the landing page set by the advertiser.

Benefits of Banner Advertisements

Many entrepreneurs believe banner ads to be a complete waste of their time because often times, people find banner ads to be annoying and confusing. But there are various benefits to this type of branding as well. These benefits include:

  • Retargeting Audience: Suppose someone visited your website but completely forgot to sign up to your news letter or make an account on your website. You can use your banner ads to redirect such people effectively.
  • Brand Awareness: One of the most renowned benefits of having banner ads is that you’ll be able to grow your brand by creating awareness for your target audience. Many famous companies, such as IBM and Apple have made use of banner ads to create brand awareness.
  • Growth: The more people that know about your brand, the more likely they are to recognize products and services provided by your brand. This of course, gives you more growth as a business owner and a larger platform to practice on as well.

Banner advertisements are certainly one of the most used ways of generating traffic onto your website while also getting your name out there.

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Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Tiles spelling the word email

Think about this for a minute. How many people do you know that don’t have an email address?

You’ll find it extremely difficult to think of more than a handful of people who don’t have at least one valid email address.

In the age of social media, people assume that email is dying. Well, not only is it not dying, but it’s stronger than ever. It’s still a major force in the marketing and advertising sector. In this blog, we will discuss why email marketing still matters even in 2019.

It’s a Great Way to Reach People:

With an estimated 5.5 billion email accounts predicted by the end of 2019, email is still one of the easiest ways to reach a large number of people. This might be a hard number to believe, but if you think about your online activities, it becomes a lot clearer. Whenever you sign up to a service, you’re asked to provide a valid email address. Most online shopping cannot be done without a valid email address as that is how vendors prefer to contact you.

While it may seem that social media is the way to go for your marketing, the data show that emails still have the most extensive outreach.

Easier Personalization:

Personalization is where email shines. Unlike other forms of advertisement and marketing, email does not need to have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Data collected from subscribers and leads can help you craft personalized emails that readers can enjoy and act on.

There are also different tactics that can be employed in this regard. Segmentation and trigger emails are examples of this. Segmentation refers to grouping the readers in your email list into different segments. This is beneficial because users in different sections can receive material more suited to them, thus increasing the relevancy of the emails.

Trigger emails are those sent after the user completes a specific action. For example, signing up to a service triggers a welcome email. If a user reaches a particular milestone with that service, a congratulatory email is sent. The user appreciates these, and in turn, looks forward to receiving more of them.

It’s Inexpensive and Direct:

Unless you have a bottomless pit of funds backing you, you’re going to try to find a way to save money here and there. This is where email marketing has a clear advantage over the rest in its field. Unlike other forms of advertising such as TV ads or direct mail, emails cost next to nothing to send.

Depending on the resources you have to work with, you may need to hire a content team and automation service. But these costs are minimal when compared to what it would cost to reserve a television slot or the price of materials for direct mail.

Less Intrusive:

Don’t annoy your readers. If you want to succeed in the marketing game, then you need to understand this rule. Readers do not like being bombarded with advertisements. Nor do they like being disturbed by an ad when they’re busy.

Email is less intrusive as compared to other marketing techniques because it doesn’t immediately demand the user’s attention. Users can check their email in their own time, and if they don’t like what they’re receiving, they can just unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Marketing via email is not going anywhere. It continues to persevere even in the face of more advanced technologies. It is tried and tested and can go the distance, which is why many companies still prefer it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Amazing Benefits of SMS Marketing

hands of people over paper and ipad

Cellphones have become an integral part of people’s day to day lives. If you want proof of that, just think about how many time you check your phone in a single day.

Can you even count the number of instances? Exactly.

Even with the widespread use of cellphones, SMS is something that has been left out when talking about effective marketing techniques. This is a mistake. And businesses that choose to ignore it miss out on one of the most effective ways of reaching their customers.

So what makes SMS Marketing so appealing?

1.     It Has a Huge Reach:

More than 64% of people worldwide own a cellphone. Let that sink in. That’s more than half the world’s people. These kinds of numbers demonstrate the enormous reach that SMS has.

Just take into account some competitors to SMS. Services like email and social media require an internet connection for users to connect to them. SMS requires no such thing. A working phone is all you need. This means that it’s a market ripe with potential waiting to be tapped.

2.     Best Open Rate Among All Services:

SMS has an open rate of 98%. It blows away the competition in this regard. Email, which comes in second place, has an open rate of 24.79%. And let’s not get started on social media.

We receive so many emails and social media notifications each day that we’ve gotten used to tuning them out. However, receiving a text is the complete opposite. We want to read those, even if it’s just to make sure there aren’t any unread messages.

Most smartphones give the user the ability to view a small snippet of what’s written in the SMS. So people will still know the contents of your text even if they don’t open it.

3.     It Is Reliable and Inexpensive:

Reliability is one of the key selling points of using text messages for marketing. Taking emails as an example, even if you do everything right, there’s a chance that your email will get sent directly to a recipient’s spam folder. That’s not the case for SMS.

While providers do screen texts for potential spam, if your SMS doesn’t look too spammy, it usually makes its way to the intended recipient’s inbox.

It is also inexpensive to send text messages to people. Certain cloud-based SMS services send bulk messages for a fraction of the cost of other marketing services.

4.     It Has Unmatched Immediacy:

Most text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. With that kind of information, it’s easy to see why SMS can be best used for communicating services that need immediate attention. Messages about expiring deals, limited time offers, and even seasonal greetings can be effectively delivered via this medium.

5.     It Offers a Personalized Touch:

Customers want to feel important. They want to know that they’re not just a number on a list to you. Text messages offer a high level of personalization when marketing to customers. Beginning your SMS with the customer’s name can be a powerful personalization tool. This increases customer engagement.


The mobile-first approach of marketing in the digital age has led to many different kinds of marketing strategies. One that has proven itself to be effective and inexpensive is SMS Marketing. With it, it brings benefits such as a high open rate, reliability and the ability to personalize.

A Beginner’s Guide to Effective Email Marketing

The biggest question of marketing in the age of Internet is: how can we get and keep customers interested? A recent study helped gain some insight which could help us answer this question. The study concluded that 77% of the targeted population is likely to respond to an email-marketing campaign which is permission-based.

Email marketing is an effective and fast way of creating, building and maintaining customer relationships. Other than this it also generates leads, increases web traffic and effectively communicates brand image.

So how do we build an email marketing campaign which is effective enough to bring about these results? We’re glad you asked.

How to Get Started

What do you think is the purpose of your campaign? Will it be a one-time thing to market the release of your site’s features or products? You need to realize your goal before you go any further from here. The key to success, other than knowing your goal is to know your audience.

In email marketing, the effectiveness of a strategy can be made or broken depending on how a message is personalized. Communicating with your valued audience not only helps you engage with them, it can also help you go a step further and build strong relationships with them.

Build an Email List

You can never go wrong by creating an email list which is well-segmented. After this is done, it’s time for you to start reading minds. It’s not really as hard as it sounds. You just need to have an idea of what these readers want to see in that box of an email and why.

You can go around this and create a USP hook in the registration process. You may have seen how some apps and games offer advantages in your progress if you let them register you for emails. Another method is using the strategy of word of mouth. You can offer advantages to your customers if they forward your mail to their friends.

You may have also heard that the best things in life are always free. Well another tactic of hooking your audience in your email marketing campaigns is to offer them free trials of your services. You can offer them exclusive content later by asking for paid subscriptions, of course.

Drafting Your Email

All you need to do here is keep it very simple. You should choose two to three points before hand that need to be conveyed in this email. Again, you need to ask yourself here, what do you customers want to see?

Call to Action

The header or footer of emails is the best place to ask for a call to action. This could be a large button which links to your site or services. A helpful insight here is to know what you customers want; not what you intend to sell.  Always remember that a personal touch always builds great customer relationships.

Tracking Success

Depending on the type of campaign, you can set KPI’s of your email marketing campaign. This could be an increase in subscribers, or the number of click-throughs. You can even track if emails are being ignored after being opened, which means you draft needs a revision in terms of its content. This could take a little time to figure out but believe us – it’s really worth it!

So what’re you waiting for? Your business needs this marketing strategy to compete with competitors who’re already reaping its benefits!

Direct Mail Ideas to Grow Your Local Business


Any communication that is conducted through post, emails, letters and the like is known as direct mail. Direct Mail can be a cost effective method of reaching current and potential customers and getting the message across. If done correctly, direct mail can have several benefits including augmenting business.

Direct mail can be an efficient marketing measure for small firms. Entrepreneurs of relatively smaller businesses are faced with a delicate balancing act: they must promote their products despite being unable to call on enormous resources. This is why direct mail should be an essential cog in their marketing machinery.

Targeted Message

Despite the prevalence of the internet and 21st century means of communication, direct mail still has a part to play. One way for a business to guarantee growth is by tailoring their message so that they target the correct audience.

Every dollar spent in lieu of advertising the firm’s products and services counts. As opposed to sending generic mail to potential customers and drawing their ire, small businesses are advised to modify the message being disseminated so that the objective is fulfilled.

In order to truly maximize the business and generate profits, mailing lists should be amended and the firm must set their sights on the ideal customer. They can be targeting based on variables such as age, income, household size and several other factors. If direct mail is executed using the appropriate planning, it can work wonders for small businesses.

Adding a Personal Touch

Going the extra mile or investing additional time can pay dividends when it comes to direct mail marketing. The ability to create a personal connection with customers is one of the advantages available to smaller businesses.

This perspective is shared by customers as well, since it allows them benefits like being on first name business with employees representing the business. For instance, if a customer has one to one contact with an employee at a small business, they can call in small favors like expedited delivery. This gives the business a distinctive edge.

Direct mail is useful since it allows the business to personalize the message they are aiming to convey so that the connection between both parties is apparent in their marketing endeavors. Furthermore, variable printing enables the business to address their message to specific customers instead of blanket greetings like ‘dear customer’. Color printing can be used to delineate images in direct mail which can capture the spirit of the company as well.

Make it Captivating

Direct mail enables businesses to have design input that can genuinely gain the customer’s attention. Nascent methods used by firms are Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Read (QR) codes respectively. These coalesce digital technology with direct mail and the business can add gloss by being innovative.

Also, firms can use Near Field Communication (NFC) as well, which entails mail recipients the ability to interact with the mail using their smartphones without downloading additional applications. Using such tech savvy means gives customers the impression that the business is serious about their aspirations.


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How to Forge an Enduring Rapport with Customers

The customer is always right is an old adage purported by entrepreneurs of yesteryear such as Harry Gordon Selfridge and Marshall Field. The proverb emphasizes the notion that customer satisfaction is paramount. A thriving enterprise relies on customers for profit maximization and all round success.

Organizations worth their salt comprehend that maintaining enduring relationships with their customers is critical. A sustained engagement with their customers will ensure brand loyalty which is tantamount to repeat business. Hence, we will look at techniques they can adopt to ensure that customers keep returning.

Provide Value (For Money)

One of the foremost methods of assuring customer retention is the provision of value. This does not always necessarily apply in pecuniary terms only but in terms of the products and its quality as well. When a business is devising a strategy aimed at encouraging customers to keep coming back, they must focus on what the customers want i.e. the products or services they are seeking.

The development of viable content and cogent brand experience can guarantee that customers are well connected to the business. If the latter is able to add recognizable value to the lives of their customers, that will suffice and lead to an abiding bond between both parties.

With regards to the monetary aspect of transactions, when customers are acquiring goods, they choose commodities which they feel fulfils their needs and are available at respectable prices. Therefore, an organization that intends to have lucrative operations must ascertain that they do not drive customers in the opposite direction with their pricing or any other practices for that matter.

Comprehend Customer Needs

It is imperative for the business to gauge what their brand represents and what meaning it holds for their customers. For instance, customers will look to a restaurant and their delectable meals may resonate with them. Likewise, customers may associate with a clothing retail company’s attire and consider it stylish and goods worth investing in. This is why they may purchase attire from the latter repeatedly.

Fortunately for firms, they can understand the propensities of their customers using data analytics tools at their disposal. For example, a business can use software to observe which of the webpages on their websites attract the most traffic. In the case of the clothes manufacturers, if their jackets have the highest number of visitors, they can match these numbers with their sales and draw their conclusions accordingly.

Customer Engagement

Naturally, this is a significant aspect of any venture’s modus operandi. Long term customers typically do more than just invest in what the company offers. They establish a connection with the business as well, which serves as an incentive for them to become ardent customers in the long run.

Customer engagement can be executed using measures like a thorough website, delivery of email messages and uploading social media posts. Such exposition guarantees that customers remain engaged in the affairs of the business since it creates brand awareness and piques their interest also.

Businesses can also tailor and personalize their interactions with their customers for augmented commitment. If they have the right tools in place, they can accumulate information and implement it for their gain. The outcome will be that customers will feel that they are on a one to one basis with the company.

Customer Service

It is par for the course that customers will face concerns or have queries. For instance, they may be required to contact the business if they are seeking information pertaining to a product or if they want to return or exchange a commodity they purchased.

One way to create a long lasting connection with clients and customers is to cater to their needs. This involves ensuring that customer services are top notch and the personnel involved meet the needs of customers. Prompt customer service will convince customers that the business prioritises them.


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How Direct Mail Can Aid a Multi-Channel Approach

Direct mail can be an effective channel when used in a proper and timely manner. The multi channel approach is essential in reaching potential customers and sharing content with them. Our purpose is to look at how direct mail can be an integral part of a multi channel marketing campaign.

Personalized Touch

Personalization increases the likelihood that consumers will engage with your content and respond to it. Advanced direct mail providers can combine the marketing automation platform using application programming interfaces, which ensure that information pertaining to individuals can be personalized to include customer names and specific promotions accordingly.

Furthermore, with the right template and elements of personalization, the final mail piece can be printed and packed for mailing quickly. To cater to multi dimensional mailers, providers can stock materials beforehand and send in batches. An instance of adding personalization to great effect is delivering coupons to customers days before their birthday.

A comprehensive marketing automation platform enables you to redirect details to mail printers with the names and offers pertaining to each individual. As long as the format is unique and the delivery is completed in a timely manner, it augments the chances that the customer will take positive action.

Timely Release

If an advanced marketing automation platform is used, it would allow you to integrate a variety of marketing channels into a single campaign. As opposed to using emails for each and every form of communication in the strategy, it is better advised to incorporate direct mail.

This adds an important element to the marketing efforts and makes the customers feel valued. This is done by dynamic personalization, which gives you the opportunity to tailor the offers and content based on the customer. Moreover, adding this element to a marketing campaign improves the customer’s idea of the company, since the marketing is more personal.

Focused Effort

Direct mail also enables you to align the right audience and make a cogent effort after that. Marketing automation platforms allow you to manage costs by tailoring the criteria so that the most important audience is targeted.

Sending highly relevant information to customers can be an advantageous exercise. This technique is also useful for B2B marketers as well. For instance, if a marketer is aiming for those who want to attend higher education universities, they can send them a direct mail if these individuals download a specific asset from their website.

Greater Responses

Despite the growth and prevalence of digital marketing mediums, direct mail is still a viable alternative to create high response rates. Several surveys have found that direct mails have a favorable response rate when executed properly. In some cases, direct mail had a higher response rate in contrast to digital channels as well. Although it can prove expensive if done on a piece basis, it still delivers results.

How a New Business Owner Can Navigate Through Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is a sequence of emails sent by a venture to communicate with existing and potential customers. The essence of commerce driven by disseminating emails is to convince customers to engage with the business.

A nascent entrepreneur who is plotting their strategy must comprehend the significance of email marketing. It is very important to understand how emails can be used to accomplish objectives of the business.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Perhaps the primary aim of employing emails to interact with consumers is to turn them in to customers. Identifying those who maintain an interest in the goods and services you provide is imperative. Moreover, the enterprise has to initiate a cogent marketing effort to persuade such people to complete a transaction with the company.

In earnest, this process begins when the enterprise is able to launch a website. That is the all-important step for a growing firm since having a presence online can give rise to all kinds of opportunities. Not only does it lead to greater credibility for the firm, it also gives them the chance to grow by marketing their services.

Maintaining a websites means online traffic, which means visitors will likely have an interest in the services provided. This is where entrepreneurs can use the aid of email marketing. Compiling an email list by using the email addresses of individuals who frequent the website is a good starting point.

Furthermore, business owners can convey the values of their business to visitors over time through emails. Nurturing such relationships will possibly lead to these people making a purchase instead of looking for alternatives.

Augment Brand Awareness

The World Wide Web is an essential engine that enables users to share content. For instance, the advent of social media such as Facebook and Snapchat allows individuals to post photos and update their status. The central idea is that there is increased awareness. What social media does for people, email marketing can do for products.

Sending emails can be a great method of distributing useful content. Entrepreneurs with the business acumen will know that they can deliver valuable information to their subscribers, so that they know about the availability of latest products or a promotion that may be round the corner.

If the services are impressive, email marketing may lead to better word of mouth as well. This can be encouraged through a call to action on the email that informs customers to forward the email message. This may lead to extra exposure and allow the business to reach a larger audience.

Increase Sales through Promotion

Email marketing can also be used to advertise new products and sales. The vast majority of individuals check their email regularly. If so many people check their inbox frequently, email marketing is an effective measure of sending information urgently.

The business can influence their customers to take action by including the promotion in the subject line. Alternatively, they can incite customers to act by mentioning the time left before the offer expires.

How a Creative Banner Ad Can Revitalize Your Marketing Effort

A banner ad or a web banner is an advertisement that is displayed in to a web page. The ad is comprised of an image or a multimedia object. These banner ads can be static or animated as well, a decision that is dependent on the technology used to make them.

Essentially, banner ads are image based as opposed to being text rich. The aim of the ads is to attract visitors on the host website so that they may visit the advertiser’s website also. There are various ways a banner advertisement can be help reinvigorate the marketing campaign and make an impact.

Design the Ad Based on Your Audience

It is imperative for the business to know their target audience. Knowing their intended audience will help curate the marketing effort. In terms of devising a banner advertisement, the concerned employees can design the banner ad to meet their specific needs.

Building a banner ad with the key demographic in mind can help augment engagement, which increases the likelihood of converting interest viewers in to loyal customers. Moreover, those responsible must also ensure that the landing page follows with the same language and design pattern.

Engage the Viewer

The company can assure that viewers on their website are thoroughly engaged in the advertisement. One way of achieving viewer participation is by using media such as video, audio or other innovative techniques so that it piques the visitor’s interest.

A simple drag and drop animation can do the trick. Likewise, a clever problem solving ad can captivate the audience’s attention as well. A rich and ingenious media banner will guarantee that the firm’s results improve and so does their readership.

Add Animation

Using animation can instantly add a sense of vibrancy to the banner ad. However, striking a balance between what is engaging and what is overbearing is decisive. There are plenty of examples when it comes to banner ads that are overwhelmingly inflated in terms of animation that it is likely to annoy the viewer or not hold their attention.

If the banner ad actually drives the viewer away from the website, that defeats the purpose of the entire campaign. To establish that viewers do not avoid the content, a good method is to create a banner ad that uses animation but also manages to make an indelible impact on viewers. The design and development of the banner ad must be done in a way that shares valuable information and does not crowd the audience’s attention.

A Contemporary Effort

Yet another way to make the banner ad more noticeable is by using references that viewers will instantly identify. For example, a pop culture reference will entice viewers to see the website and what it is about. Similarly, the latest news or trend can also be highlighted in the banner ad to divert the audience’s attention.

Yet another option available to use in banner ads is memes. A meme is the use of media that is humorous and is viral in nature. If these are used in banner advertisements, viewers may immediately identify with the memes. It can be a fun yet effective way to engage the audience.

Various Advantages of Using Ringless Voicemails for Businesses

Ringless voicemail works by enabling a server to embed a voicemail message directly into the carrier’s voicemail server, which is how it’s named is derived.

It is a non-intrusive form of messaging sans a regular phone call. A premeditated recording is dispatched in the user’s voicemail inbox and their cellular phone does not ring at all.

Now that we’ve defined the concept, we can delve into the several benefits that it entails.

It’s Free of Cost

Unlike conventional phone calls, sending a ringless voicemail is absolutely free! This particular medium of telecommunication employs calling software combined with a voicemail system. However, in essence, no phone call is ever made which is how it is free.

There Are No Interruptions

Another advantage of ringless voicemails is that there are no vexing automated calls. Users of ringless voicemails no longer have to worry about being on the receiving end of annoying phone calls. Likewise, this is one of the reasons why ringless voicemails are the preferred method of telemarketing since it does not perturb customers. This guarantees zero interruptions.

Let us look at the opposite scenario. If consumers regularly received phone calls with automated messages recorded in a robotic voice, they may find it obnoxious and block the number instantly. Sending a ringless voicemail increases the firm’s chances of securing a potential customer. A cell phone user is likely to access the voicemail inbox on their carrier in their spare time. This means they will take the extra few seconds to listen to the recording at the bare minimum. If they are interested, they may want to learn more about the commodity or service that is advertised.

Guarantee Greater Return Calls

The point we just made carries forward into our next one organically. The simple fact that ringless voicemails are not provocative can work massively in the company’s favor. In fact, there is conclusive evidence which suggests that this specific innovative technique augments the chances of receiving calls from customers, who naturally have queries regarding the product.

A significant increase in returned calls means customers call at their own convenience and have questions that need answers. If the business is able to whet their proverbial appetite, the consumer may become a customer of the company.

Customer Comfort is prioritized

Ringless voicemails are precise and to the point. They do not waste the consumer’s precious time, which means they are more likely to listen to the message they receive. Moreover, another reason for the success of ringless voicemails is that consumers are not intimidated or coerced at all.

For instance, compare a ringless voicemail message to a telemarketing phone call. An individual may receive multiple calls which they may consider pestering and futile, since it interrupts their routine. On the other hand, they can listen to a ringless voicemail at their own leisure.

Also, since these are not like automated broadcast calls, it encourages consumers to call back as well.