SMS Text Marketing: Why is it particularly good for small businesses?

While bigger and more established businesses are just as welcome to benefit from SMS text marketing than anyone else, this particular marketing tool is especially great for small business owners.


For starters, small business owners are more in need for building brand awareness. They are new in the field and the only way they can ever make sales is dependent on getting discovered first. You might be thinking that why not use social media for this? After all, isn’t that all the rage these days?

While social media as a marketing tool, to be honest, is hard to compete with, if for a business that is just starting out, going even more basic to connect with their audience might get them better results.

So what is even more basic than setting up a Facebook account to not just connect with your friends and follow your favorite businesses’ Facebook page? An e-mail address that is perhaps subscribed to their mailing list? And what is even more basic than having an e-mail address?

Your phone number!

Did you know that an average person is likely to open any text they receive within just 3 minutes of receiving it? That is pretty impressive. There are several other benefits that SMS messages offer as well. You don’t have to type lengthy content to talk about who you are what your small business is all about—you just get straight to the point. You can also include coupon codes for discounts, short, simple and fun poll questions as well all of which that will not only help your target audience know who you are, but also help boost engagement.

As a small business that is just starting out, you probably want to concentrate on a lot of things and marketing is just one of them. Another great thing which makes SMS text marketing the perfect marketing tool for you is the convenience it offers. Once you have a list of numbers, all you have to do is to press a button.

Perhaps what makes SMS text marketing such an amazing marketing tool is its reach. How many people do you know who are without a smartphone in today’s world? While some people may even deactivate their social media accounts and end up missing on great promotions of their favorite businesses, SMS text marketing can still help you keep them in the loop.

At MarkSYS we believe that the success of any marketing campaign, text messaging marketing or otherwise depends on how it is planned and executed. The success of your SMS text marketing depends on a lot of things, compiling the list of your target audience being one of those major things. To know more about how this may just be the marketing tool for you, please get in touch with us today.

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