Call Tracking: Testing the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Efforts

Considering the vast number of marketing strategies that are available out there for businesses to try out, it goes without saying that not all of them may be the one for you. What marketing technique may work for one business may not necessarily work for you.

And that’s not really a problem because you can always make some changes and try out a new marketing campaign to see how that goes for you. However, you would only be able to do this if you know what marketing campaign is working for you and what isn’t. In order to correct the problem, make amends or even revisions, you need to first know what problem is!

While things like how many page views your business’ page is getting or even monitoring organic visits may just be a few of the things you can opt for if you wish to evaluate your marketing strategies, but what if your business is more offline based?

How can monitoring the number of organic visits help you understand what marketing technique of yours is actually resulting in that number of calls you are getting? What is generating them?

You may be getting so many calls asking about your business, service, product—but you want to know how they got to know about your business in the first place. Which marketing process of yours encouraged them to pick up the call and get back to you? Answers to such questions are obviously very important because whatever it was that did motivate them to get back to you, you would want to do more.

After all, isn’t the whole point of using effective marketing techniques or initiating marketing campaigns to keep on generating more leads?

Call tracking software can help you easily monitor which marketing campaigns that you have set up for your business are working for you and which might need to be revised. Whatever marketing channels you have for your business will obviously be keeping score of the data, call tracking software grants you access to this data which then tells you what is the source responsible for generating all these phone calls for you.

And then you can further improve those specific marketing campaigns to further boost the conversions. But does that mean you should entirely discard of other marketing campaigns that haven’t been generating that many conversions?

Not really; you can still keep them around but spend more of your company’s resources on campaigns that are bringing in more results.  This way you can probably tell how call tracking software helps you with having a better ROI!

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