Why Print Marketing Still Matters in 2019

“Print marketing is so yesterday”, some people would say, but they are wrong! Print marketing is still alive and kicking! It is true that print publishing has seen a sharp decline over the last decade, but that has only created a more targeted audience for savvy marketers to reach out to. Here is a list of reasons why print marketing still matters, and why you should still consider it a valuable marketing platform:

Perceived Value

The perceived value of a hard copy is much more than any online counterpart can provide. The sentiments you feel with a physical print in hand, be it a magazine, a book, or even a flyer, is simply lacking when you visit something digital. It is also more personal. The physical copy belongs to you and you along. Meanwhile, you don’t get the same feeling when visiting a website, or viewing an e-book. Ads placement on print is more likely to be taken notice of.

Greater Attention Span

Print outranks all other forms of marketing when it comes to capturing the user’s attention span. Unlike digital platforms, there is little in the way of white noise and distractions that divides the reader’s attention. People who subscribe to a physical copy are much more committed to spending time reading and learning from their content. According to a study, an average reader of a branded magazine will spend a whopping 20 to 25 minutes with it. Compared this to a website, where the best average you can hope for is a little over 2 minutes.


According to a study conducted by AllBusiness Networks, nearly 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Unlike websites, people have to pay money to subscribe to a print copy, so the need for a good brand image is far more important. Due to this reason, print magazines are less likely to compromise on quality by presenting anything misleading. Unlike the digital world, readers do not have to worry about any click bait or annoying pop-ups. Thus, engagements are more genuine.

A Valuable Market

People who subscribe to print magazines these days either have a large disposable income, or are committed loyal readers of a particular brand. Both present some of the most valuable audiences you can target with your ads. In fact, according to a research, print marketing still gives the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

In the 90s, it was said that online video streaming will eliminate the television industry. In the early 2000s, it was stated the e-books will replace their physical counterparts. Just recently, it was said that blogs will kill journalism.

We now know that none of that is true. Rather than killing those platforms, new media prompted them to evolve and change their strategy. The same is true for print marketing. Print marketing still matters and is still relevant today, by presenting a great opportunity for smart marketers willing to seize it.

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