Mobile Marketing Practices Every Marketing-Savvy Business Should Adopt

We don’t need stats to prove that people check their phones a lot, right? Well, according to the latest research, it was found that mobile advertising constitutes more than 72% of all digital advertising in the US.
Now that we’ve established how important this marketing strategy is, we can move over to some of the most happening mobile marketing practices of 2019. Here they are:

1. Location-Based Marketing

We are already in the era of location-based marketing. This is where customers receive notifications about promotions as soon as they pass a store; this is also known as strategic locations. This technologically-enhanced method of geofencing locations all over the world is a highly effective way of promoting your brand.

2. In-App Marketing

Currently, Google Play holds over 2.8 million apps while Apple holds a little less – standing at 2.2 million. Both these marketing savvy giants have competitive platforms with large user bases. This translates into a wide audience to whom you can promote your offerings through ad campaigns, especially those that run within popular apps.

3. SMS Marketing

Mobile text marketing has managed to surround itself with a lot of misconceptions of ineffectiveness. Even though this is the case, marketers cannot deny the fact that at least 91% of all mobile users are known to text quite often. For this reason alone, some giants like Toys ‘R’ Us, Walmart, and Coca-Cola have incorporated SMS marketing campaigns into their promotional mix.

4. Mobile Marketing Measurement

Did you know that the revenue generated from mobile ads was able to annihilate the revenue generated from desktop ads last year? This is also why billions of dollars are already being invested in research to find new approaches to mobile marketing. While this is happening, these companies are paying heed to the findings of data analytics companies to refine their mobile marketing practices. This will then result in optimized ad spending and boosted levels of ROI.

5. QR Codes

We are already familiar with what QR codes are. These digital bar codes act as a shortcut to get valuable information into the palms of prospects. Well, these are included in our list for 2019 because they are much more versatile than this and can perform so many other functions. An example of this could be seen in the case of the Guinness glasses that filled up to the brim to reveal a code. Once this code was scanned, users were able to download promotions and codes alongside engaging with the company.

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