Skip the Emojis, Your Text Messaging Campaign Should Be Simple

Did you know that about 90% of all the text messages received are read within 5 minutes or even less! This fact on its own is a huge opportunity for small business owners and modern businesses alike. Both these businesses, however, will have to skip using old school methods and Emojis to entice customers and will have to try modern-day tactics. If you’re also thinking about integrating SMS into your marketing mix, then we would like to introduce you to some easy-to-follow golden rules of creating your text messaging campaign.

Here they are:

The Golden Rules of a Text Messaging Campaign


1. Don’t Ramble On

Why do you think there is a character limit in text messages? No one wants to receive a text blast that has more than 300 words! Instead of sending your business’s manifesto, audiences prefer to read through simple instructions on redeeming prizes/discounts or awesome promotional offers. In simple words, we’re saying that you need to get right to the gist.

2. Include Exclusive Pieces of Information and Irresistible Offers

You don’t need to start your text messaging campaign with a “Hey, what’s up?” You’re not using an SMS campaign to make friends. Yes, you can use conversational languages but keep it professional by limiting the information to promotions or subscription offers.

3. Pay Attention to What Time of Day the Text Messages Will Be Received

There can be no good reason to shoot up messages that will be received at 11 p.m. other than the fact that you are a promoting your night club. Daylight hours work best for most types of content because your recipients have quite some time to read and subsequently act on your offers. People have a schedule to keep and it can be very easy for them to just mark your marketing message as read without actually reading it.

4. Keep Your Customer’s Preferences at the Forefront

When you are developing offers for your text messaging campaign, you should make sure that you are mindful of your potential customers’ needs and wants. You should be texting them with notifications for closeout inventory. Instead, you recipients would like to be alerted about backburner promotions and VIP Deals.

While you’re implementing all of these golden rules for your marketing strategy, you should remember that text messaging campaigns are permission-based. This means that if your recipients haven’t subscribed to your services, then you shouldn’t bludgeon them with endless messages. Doing so can also have some legal ramifications for your business!



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