The Most Effective Voicemail Script Tips Ever

New sales outreach programs can be seen to be plummeting globally and according to experts, about 97% of all these cold calls go to voicemail. According to our research and experience, the most effective voicemail script can quickly turn from bad to good, generating incredible response times. An example of an effective voicemail script is as follows:


Hello, this is [Your Name] from [Company Name].
I’m calling because [insert reason for calling]. I’d love to talk to you about [insert benefit you can offer if they call back].
My number is [insert phone number]. I’ll also follow up with an email tomorrow. I look forward to hearing what you think.
Have a great day. Goodbye!


Tips to Form Your Own Perfect Voicemail Script


#1: Practice Beforehand

If you wish to improve your performance on voicemail, then you will have to deliberate via practice. This would mean creating a routine that is highly structured and offers you ample opportunities to repeat yourself and streamline the whole process.
Divide the whole process into 3 stages – before you dial, while you leave your message, and after you hang up.

#2: Be Straightforward and Personable

To make these qualities a part of your voicemail messages, start by using the prospect’s name quite often. Other than this, you should speak with credible examples of people you have helped with your product and provide context, like recent eBook downloads. Once you have offered your prospects with clear value, you should repeat your number twice, and keep the whole message limited to 17 seconds or less.

#3: Do Your Research

The very difference between cold calls and warm voicemails is the amount of research. When you research your prospects, you create distinction in the mind of your prospects that encourages return calls. So, go ahead and investigate your prospects for alma mater, common pets, favorite sports teams, or anything you can use in your conversations.

#4: Be Positive

Sound enthusiastic on your voicemail if you want your prospects to call you back. You should naturally sound like you want to talk to these prospects. This very factor can make or break your marketing efforts.
Be clear, be concise, use a good cadence, and be compelling. Avoid using clichéd buzzwords and sales jargon. If you do use these, then your voicemails will be deleted faster than you can say ‘satisfaction guaranteed’.
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