6 Reasons for You to Integrate SMS Marketing in Your Campaign Today

vIf you still haven’t experienced the benefits of SMS marketing, you are missing out on a lot! Here are some of our most convincing reasons to get you on board as well!

1: Get Your Message Across Instantly:

Reaching out to your customers via SMS remains one of the fastest ways of reaching out to your target consumers. And considering how almost everyone has their phone in their hands all the time, the rate at which your message is likely to get read is pretty high too.

2: SMS Marketing Is an Excellent Survey Tool:

Feedback is important for the growth of any business. SMS marketing is yet another way of getting feedback from your target audiences pretty quickly. Just make a small survey that could easily fit an SMS format and press send.

That’s literally it!

3: SMS vs. E-mails:

While e-mail campaigns are equally effective in doing what they are designed for, when it comes to comparing them with a SMS message, the latter takes the cake.

And it is pretty simple to understand why that happens. People tend to check their phone’s inbox more than their e-mail’s inbox because their phone’s inbox is more quickly accessible. Hence, SMS messages tend to enjoy a much higher open-rate as compared to e-mail message. Not only do they enjoy a higher open-rate, SMS messages also have high conversion rates!

Several marketing experts agree that you are likely to get more subscribers through SMS than any other feature.

4: Can be Easily Integrated with Other Features:

Another really amazing thing about the SMS feature is how it can so easily be customized to fit your business’ needs. Not just that, but you can then take your customized SMS message and have it integrated into various other online marketing strategies (social media campaigns, for example) as well!

5: Provides a Golden Opportunity to Connect with Every Potential Customer:

How many people do you know who don’t own a cell phone?


Just imagine the number of audience members you can reach out to from your pool, just by sending them an SMS message.

6: Is a Clear and Concise Communication Channel:

While several businesses may struggle with saying all that they want to say in a limited number of words, the word limit that an SMS has forces businesses to be clear and concise.

While in other means of communicating you can go on and on about a service that your business offers, this might very well put a lot of target consumers off and you may lose their interest. On the other hand, receiving a SMS message lets you target consumer know what it is that you are advertising right away.

Interested in learning more about SMS marketing and how you can launch your own SMS marketing campaign? Get in touch with our team of experts right away!