Telemarketing Breakthrough: Ringless Voicemail Marketing

Ever wondered if there was a way you could increase your business’ inbound call backs?

Then Ringless Voicemail is what you are looking for.

If you do not know what this strategy is basically about, it’s pretty easy to understand what it is and why does it work so well. You have probably heard so many people complaining how several telemarketing strategies don’t seem to work that well.


Because most of your target audience won’t pick up calls from unknown numbers…kind of which defeats the main purpose of telemarketing. If you are opting for telemarketing, how would your target consumer ever get back to you if they won’t even pick up the call in the first place!

Second, it is not always possible that your target audience may be available to pick up your call every single time you call them. They may be busy elsewhere and may miss your call completely.

This is where ringless voicemail marketing changes the game.

This telemarketing strategy gives control to both the business owner as well as the target consumer. Using this highly innovative marketing strategy, your team can deliver their desired messages to all their target audience and the target audience can then listen to the voicemail when they have time. And the fact that it is ringless, there is literally zero inconvenience caused to the target audience.

What’s more is that listening to a voicemail message, they would know right away who is calling and for purpose are they calling for. This automatically increases the chances of your target audience returning your call and expressing their interest in your product or service.

There is another reason why ringless voicemail messages work so well. Most people tend to prefer listening to messages, rather than reading them! On your end you can customize the voicemail message whichever way you see it fit (can even add your target audiences’ names, if you have them!) and just send them straight over to their voicemail inbox.

Yet another advantage of ringless voicemail messages is the practicality of it. Imagine making 100+ calls to various people from your audience pool and then talking to them if they ever pick up! The exhaustion would be real. A recorded voicemail message on the other hand makes all of this so much easier!

So is this marketing strategy for you?

Well, it is all about what results you are looking for. Since we feel that more than half of the calls made to your target consumers usually go straight to the voicemail either way, why not spend time and money and get better results which streamline your efforts in that direction from the very start of your marketing campaign?

If you are interested in learning more about this highly recommended service, get in touch with us at Marks SYS. Our team of ringless voicemail marketing experts would love to explain things to you and further assisting you how this service could benefit your business.