How Not to Fail the Direct-Mail Test

Direct mail testing brings huge advantages to both advertisers and branding professionals alike. The very first thing they do is carry out tests to find out whether the package works according to its standards.

If the direct mail package works, then these advertisers begin expanding towards the campaign itself. Another thing most advertisers do is try test bombs which help in determining whether the package works in the first place or not. These tests only cost a couple of hundred dollars and save the company from the losses that can be brought about because of DM packages.
Either way, direct mail testing is unavoidable; this testing aims to show you which designs are best for promoting your business. Let’s now take a brief look at the different strategies you can implement for your direct mailing package.

Tried and Tested Methods of Direct Mail Testing

1. A/B Split Tests

This method of direct mail testing is implemented where 2 packages are being tested against each other. This can be best explained as testing the effectiveness of one letter against another letter via the response they generate.
Another way of doing this can be to take one option and send it over to 2 direct mailing lists to see where it gets a better response. If you go about determining unique variables separately, then you will be able to concur which direct mailing package is more successful in getting a better response.

2. Number of Direct Mail Pieces per Test Cell

Marketing researchers have proven that it is possible to achieve valid test results by pitching direct mail testing to as few as just 2000 recipients per A/B package. When this is done, the validity of these packages will be determined by the number of replies each package receives instead of the number of direct mail packages sent.
According to statistic analysis and experience, it was determined that 14 responses are enough to concur that a package is fairly reliable in terms of performance.

3. Tracking Responses

Tracking responses is necessary for identifying where the replies are coming from. Many marketers have imagined up methods of tracking replies but the best way of doing so is to use specific key codes for the packages and their consequent replies.

4. Rollout

After the winning package has been ‘rolled out’, a general rule of thumb states that the actual quantity of mail should be about 10 times the quantity decided for direct mail testing.
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