The Power of Direct Mail in the Digital Age

Digital marketers’ jobs aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. They tend to inherit some challenges from the digital landscape that most don’t know of. Traditionally, advertisements used to be the end product of weeks or even months worth of creative work and painstaking research.

Iconic brands that were embedded into our country’s DNA were brilliant enough to appeal to the average consumer while being targeted enough to drive their sales from set demographics. More importantly, however, these advertisers used to consider advertising mediums as the key player for the success of their campaigns.

The channel for distribution has long been proven to be the inimitable authority.

AD Exposure and Trust Issues

Nowadays, the landscape of advertising has changed considerably. Advertisements can be seen flashing past us at blazing speeds everywhere. According to recent studies, it was found that the average American consumer gets exposed to about a thousand adverts on a daily basis. The way things are going, researchers should also not be surprised if a consumer sees about three hundred adverts on an hourly basis.

The very next issue of advertisements in the digital age is that no one trusts their authority. Whether you spend your time on social media or prefer traditional platforms, you will find that consumers get bombarded with disinformation and click-bait headlines.

To sum it all up, digital platforms are now in peril because of both saturation and quality. This is why advertisers can be seen turning to some timeless promotional mediums. One such unlikely savior is direct mail. Yes, we are talking about the blissfully quiet, world-building, and great smelling printed medium which most consumers secretly love.

Mailbox > Inbox

We have all seen the Christmas catalogs from Toys R’ Us, triggering some nostalgia for the time when we were immersed in our Nintendo video games. Some of us also received massive catalogs for textiles, décor, and home furnishings that directed all our focus on Amazon products. Finally, how can we forget the plastic gift cards that offered us free pizza for frequenting the new pizza chain that opened in town?

All of these worked because they were not in our inbox and were in our actual mailboxes. This is exactly what made us spend mind-boggling amounts on purchases. A little discreet, personal touch is all that it takes without any distractions.

It’s quiet and it’s effective – this is the power of direct mail.

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