How to Turn Prospects into Customers in 5 Steps

Over the years, countless formulas have been brought forth for formulating promotional content to turn prospects into customers. The most common among these formulas is probably the one called AIDA which is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

In promotional content seminars, experts always speak about the motivating sequence and the different variations of the AIDA formula. Well, the following is each of these variations in their most simplified form.

How to Turn Prospects into Customers: Simplified

Step 1: Grab Attention

Before your promotional campaign can do anything else, it should be able to grab a potential customer’s attention. This means that the content should have the ability to stop passersby in their tracks and to engage with the content. To do this, bold statements need to be made. We already know how sex is used to gain attention. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this; any question that elicits a response can do the job.

Step 2: Identify the Need or Problem

Every product is introduced as if it is the only solution to a problem or need. This doesn’t occur automatically. This is why your promotional content should be focused on making them believe that you understand their needs or problems.

Step 3: Position Your Product as the Only Solution to Their Problem

Once your prospects know that your business understands their problems, you need to slide in as their savior with your product – or the ‘solution to their problem.’ Here is an example of how content can be designed for a fundraiser:

Dear Mr. Shelby,
Someday you may need the American Heart Association,
Today, the American Heart Association needs you.

Step 4: Offer Your Prospects Some Proof

As most marketing experts have pointed out, the very first question prospects ask is, “Why should we believe you?” Well, your answer should be in 2 parts; one part should establish your credibility and the second should include reviews and testimonials. With both of these forms of proof, your prospects will become convinced of your product and its effectiveness.

Step 5: Asking for Action

To generate an order or even an inquiry, you need to either make them an offer or give your prospect a reason to respond in one way or the other. When put into practice, such lead-generating tactics result in promotional copy with calls-to-action like the one given below:

“Mail back in the enclosed card and get our free catalog”

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