The Secret to Getting Direct-Mail Prospects to Reply Immediately

Effective direct mail packages don’t just ask the recipient for a response – they make the readers feel like they are obliged to respond; otherwise, they may be making a mistake. This is why marketers should know how to create compelling reasons or a sense of urgency in their direct-mail copy.
While all of this is necessary for effective direct mail packages, how should you create this sudden need to reply within the recipients of your direct mail? Well, here are some basic rules to adhere to for your direct-mail replies.

1. Make Them Easy to Fill Out

The reply form of your direct mail needs to be far from confusing. Here you need to let your readers feel like a reply will be as simple as 1-2-3 and they will need no assistance. If the reply form is even a little complicated, people won’t hesitate to throw it away immediately.

2. Use Clean Designs

The designs of the order or reply forms shouldn’t be cluttered. They should be very clean and simple – which is why you shouldn’t try and cram too much information in this limited space. If you think you have a lot of information, then you should think about using larger forms.

3. Add Enough Room to Fill Out Details

If you wish to work with effective direct mail packages, then you need to refrain from only providing a quarter-inch space to fill out details. When you reply or order form is in the design phase, give your readers plenty of room so they can respond properly.

4. Fewer Steps

The less troubling it is for users to go through the order or reply form, the higher the chances of it being filled completely. There are a number of things that can be done to make these forms easier. The simplest thing you can do is provide them with postage-paid and self-addressed reply envelopes. This will save your readers from the trouble of stamping and addressing their envelopes.

5. Headline Your Offers

The very first sentence of your reply or order forms should be the headline that restates the offer provided to readers. These statements are also meant to rekindle the desire of the potential customer to go through with the transaction.

An example of these statements can be:

The American Museum of Natural History

YES, I would like to accept your invitation to become a permanent member of your Museum at the low subscription rate of….

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