Get Results from SMS Text Marketing

Amidst so many growing numbers of marketing channels and so many consumer touch points available to choose from, choosing the right method with which to engage with your target audience can be quite a daunting task. Traditional above-the-line methods like print and television, despite being able to reach a mass number of people altogether, are very expensive and not all businesses can afford them.

With open rates of 98%, SMS marketing has become one of the most effective marketing platforms in the modern era. With mobile phone users increasing by the day, it has become easier to reach customers with SMS marketing. Research shows that consumers actually end up spending twice the time on their cell phones than they think they are spending.

Some amazing results that you can get out of SMS text marketing are listed below:

Higher Reach

With a growing number of mobile phone users by the day, SMS marketing ensures that a lot of people are reached through this medium. With a 98% open rate and a 90% read rate, a lot of people are reached through this method of direct marketing. It is also very easy to reach a higher number of people through SMS marketing.

Time Saving

Since the entire process of SMS marketing can be automated unlike other conventional mediums, it saves up a lot of valuable time. Marketers can this way spend more time on the day-to-day running affairs of the company and also ensure getting their message effectively across to the consumers.

A Loyal Customer Base

SMS marketing can ensure timely information about the business and customer promotions to reach the customers in an effective manner. This makes customers feel appreciated and valued, which in turn leads to a loyal customer base being formed. This loyalty can be long lasting too.

High Customer Retention

With an increasingly loyal base of customers and customers continuously being kept involved in the company, the customer retention rate is high. When customers feel they are an integral part of the company and hence they are valued, they stay with the company for a long period of time.

Cost Effectiveness

Alongside many other advantages of SMS marketing, this is a major one. Whilst other communication media can be really expensive, this mode of communication is relatively very cost effective and a lot of people can be reached at the same time, with minimal cost.

Increased Sales

When you are already marketing to a targeted group of customers, who are interested in your offerings, the chances of your sales increasing are very high. With other modes of communication, you aren’t targeting a specific group of customers so most marketing efforts are usually cold calls in a desperate attempt to produce results.

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