Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing in the modern era, promising great ROI with little investment. Since it allows a great deal of personalization to any marketing campaign, email marketing can actually help you get your message across in the way that you want to rather than being dictated terms by the industry.

With other conventional tools of marketing, it is highly likely that your message can get lost somewhere amidst the clutter of so many other coinciding messages that customers are bombarded with each day.

Below we discuss some email marketing strategies that can make this medium the most effective channel for you to market your products on.



Personalization of Your Messages

Most businesses tend to imply cookie-cutter approaches to email, that is there is on personality to these emails and they come across as written by machines.

This most definitely doesn’t mean that every individual email sent to every subscriber needs to be personalized. It simply involves working on customer data and creating emails that actually mean something to them. Show them products that might interest them based on their purchase history.

Apart from being a great marketing channel, this is also the essence that shapes up the entire customer experience.


Sending Emails that Are Mobile friendly

Since most customers are now smartphone users and access their emails through their cellphones only, all emails sent should ideally be mobile friendly.
The first thing that most people do in the morning is check their phone. Mostly when emails that are not mobile friendly are sent to customers, what they eventually end up doing is deleting the email and unsubscribing from the list. That’s most definitely something not something you want.


Segmenting Subscribers

Segmentation of subscribers can be done in many different ways. You can segment your customers industry wise, or by the size of the company or by the sales cycle.

It has been seen that emails that are segmented have a much high open rate than those that are not segmented. What segmenting does is that it helps sort out what exactly gets sent to whom. This way, your emails can be targeted to those who are more likely to read them, and thus more attention of the customers can be grasped.


Make Sure You’re Keeping Track of the Timing

What time you send the email is of great importance in determining if the email will be opened and read or not. It’s not like there is a standardized time that allows for more people to open any email, but keeping track of the time allows for the chances of the message getting across to be higher. Having said that; bearing in mind the differences in time zones of your target customers is also of utmost importance too.


Make Sure Your Content Is Up To the Mark

This basically entails writing in simple language that is easy to understand, avoiding jargons, keeping it short and to the point, not beating about the bush too much, etc.

The email should be drafted in a way that it intrigues the reader, while being enjoyable at the same time. The customer should actually want to open the email, read it and take desired action.


Following these strategies can most definitively increase your chances of success with regards to email marketing.

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