Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Think about this for a minute. How many people do you know that don’t have an email address?

You’ll find it extremely difficult to think of more than a handful of people who don’t have at least one valid email address.

In the age of social media, people assume that email is dying. Well, not only is it not dying, but it’s stronger than ever. It’s still a major force in the marketing and advertising sector. In this blog, we will discuss why email marketing still matters even in 2019.

It’s a Great Way to Reach People:

With an estimated 5.5 billion email accounts predicted by the end of 2019, email is still one of the easiest ways to reach a large number of people. This might be a hard number to believe, but if you think about your online activities, it becomes a lot clearer. Whenever you sign up to a service, you’re asked to provide a valid email address. Most online shopping cannot be done without a valid email address as that is how vendors prefer to contact you.

While it may seem that social media is the way to go for your marketing, the data show that emails still have the most extensive outreach.

Easier Personalization:

Personalization is where email shines. Unlike other forms of advertisement and marketing, email does not need to have a one-size-fits-all mentality. Data collected from subscribers and leads can help you craft personalized emails that readers can enjoy and act on.

There are also different tactics that can be employed in this regard. Segmentation and trigger emails are examples of this. Segmentation refers to grouping the readers in your email list into different segments. This is beneficial because users in different sections can receive material more suited to them, thus increasing the relevancy of the emails.

Trigger emails are those sent after the user completes a specific action. For example, signing up to a service triggers a welcome email. If a user reaches a particular milestone with that service, a congratulatory email is sent. The user appreciates these, and in turn, looks forward to receiving more of them.

It’s Inexpensive and Direct:

Unless you have a bottomless pit of funds backing you, you’re going to try to find a way to save money here and there. This is where email marketing has a clear advantage over the rest in its field. Unlike other forms of advertising such as TV ads or direct mail, emails cost next to nothing to send.

Depending on the resources you have to work with, you may need to hire a content team and automation service. But these costs are minimal when compared to what it would cost to reserve a television slot or the price of materials for direct mail.

Less Intrusive:

Don’t annoy your readers. If you want to succeed in the marketing game, then you need to understand this rule. Readers do not like being bombarded with advertisements. Nor do they like being disturbed by an ad when they’re busy.

Email is less intrusive as compared to other marketing techniques because it doesn’t immediately demand the user’s attention. Users can check their email in their own time, and if they don’t like what they’re receiving, they can just unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Marketing via email is not going anywhere. It continues to persevere even in the face of more advanced technologies. It is tried and tested and can go the distance, which is why many companies still prefer it and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.