Amazing Benefits of SMS Marketing

Cellphones have become an integral part of people’s day to day lives. If you want proof of that, just think about how many time you check your phone in a single day.

Can you even count the number of instances? Exactly.

Even with the widespread use of cellphones, SMS is something that has been left out when talking about effective marketing techniques. This is a mistake. And businesses that choose to ignore it miss out on one of the most effective ways of reaching their customers.

So what makes SMS Marketing so appealing?

1.     It Has a Huge Reach:

More than 64% of people worldwide own a cellphone. Let that sink in. That’s more than half the world’s people. These kinds of numbers demonstrate the enormous reach that SMS has.

Just take into account some competitors to SMS. Services like email and social media require an internet connection for users to connect to them. SMS requires no such thing. A working phone is all you need. This means that it’s a market ripe with potential waiting to be tapped.

2.     Best Open Rate Among All Services:

SMS has an open rate of 98%. It blows away the competition in this regard. Email, which comes in second place, has an open rate of 24.79%. And let’s not get started on social media.

We receive so many emails and social media notifications each day that we’ve gotten used to tuning them out. However, receiving a text is the complete opposite. We want to read those, even if it’s just to make sure there aren’t any unread messages.

Most smartphones give the user the ability to view a small snippet of what’s written in the SMS. So people will still know the contents of your text even if they don’t open it.

3.     It Is Reliable and Inexpensive:

Reliability is one of the key selling points of using text messages for marketing. Taking emails as an example, even if you do everything right, there’s a chance that your email will get sent directly to a recipient’s spam folder. That’s not the case for SMS.

While providers do screen texts for potential spam, if your SMS doesn’t look too spammy, it usually makes its way to the intended recipient’s inbox.

It is also inexpensive to send text messages to people. Certain cloud-based SMS services send bulk messages for a fraction of the cost of other marketing services.

4.     It Has Unmatched Immediacy:

Most text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. With that kind of information, it’s easy to see why SMS can be best used for communicating services that need immediate attention. Messages about expiring deals, limited time offers, and even seasonal greetings can be effectively delivered via this medium.

5.     It Offers a Personalized Touch:

Customers want to feel important. They want to know that they’re not just a number on a list to you. Text messages offer a high level of personalization when marketing to customers. Beginning your SMS with the customer’s name can be a powerful personalization tool. This increases customer engagement.


The mobile-first approach of marketing in the digital age has led to many different kinds of marketing strategies. One that has proven itself to be effective and inexpensive is SMS Marketing. With it, it brings benefits such as a high open rate, reliability and the ability to personalize.