How a Creative Banner Ad Can Revitalize Your Marketing Effort

A banner ad or a web banner is an advertisement that is displayed in to a web page. The ad is comprised of an image or a multimedia object. These banner ads can be static or animated as well, a decision that is dependent on the technology used to make them.

Essentially, banner ads are image based as opposed to being text rich. The aim of the ads is to attract visitors on the host website so that they may visit the advertiser’s website also. There are various ways a banner advertisement can be help reinvigorate the marketing campaign and make an impact.

Design the Ad Based on Your Audience

It is imperative for the business to know their target audience. Knowing their intended audience will help curate the marketing effort. In terms of devising a banner advertisement, the concerned employees can design the banner ad to meet their specific needs.

Building a banner ad with the key demographic in mind can help augment engagement, which increases the likelihood of converting interest viewers in to loyal customers. Moreover, those responsible must also ensure that the landing page follows with the same language and design pattern.

Engage the Viewer

The company can assure that viewers on their website are thoroughly engaged in the advertisement. One way of achieving viewer participation is by using media such as video, audio or other innovative techniques so that it piques the visitor’s interest.

A simple drag and drop animation can do the trick. Likewise, a clever problem solving ad can captivate the audience’s attention as well. A rich and ingenious media banner will guarantee that the firm’s results improve and so does their readership.

Add Animation

Using animation can instantly add a sense of vibrancy to the banner ad. However, striking a balance between what is engaging and what is overbearing is decisive. There are plenty of examples when it comes to banner ads that are overwhelmingly inflated in terms of animation that it is likely to annoy the viewer or not hold their attention.

If the banner ad actually drives the viewer away from the website, that defeats the purpose of the entire campaign. To establish that viewers do not avoid the content, a good method is to create a banner ad that uses animation but also manages to make an indelible impact on viewers. The design and development of the banner ad must be done in a way that shares valuable information and does not crowd the audience’s attention.

A Contemporary Effort

Yet another way to make the banner ad more noticeable is by using references that viewers will instantly identify. For example, a pop culture reference will entice viewers to see the website and what it is about. Similarly, the latest news or trend can also be highlighted in the banner ad to divert the audience’s attention.

Yet another option available to use in banner ads is memes. A meme is the use of media that is humorous and is viral in nature. If these are used in banner advertisements, viewers may immediately identify with the memes. It can be a fun yet effective way to engage the audience.