3 Tips for an Effective SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS (Short Message Service) marketing is a technique that employs permission based text messages to disseminate promotional details. Customers can choose to receive texts containing information regarding the latest offers and availability of new products by selecting the option on an automated system.

Once they submit the short code, their cell phone number is stored and they receive messages on a regular basis. There are several measures a business can apply to ensure that their SMS marketing push is successful.

Some of these are listed below:

Audience Segmentation

One of the best ways a business can ensure that it’s SMS marketing efforts do not fall flat is by segmenting their target audience. Sending a homogenous automated text to all customers in the database has the potential to backfire.

If the entrepreneur is sensible, they will send the right message to the right customer. Segmenting and targeting their audience will be tantamount to an individual receiving a message that genuinely pertains to them, as opposed to receiving innumerable SMS marketing texts constantly.

When relevant messages are sent, it can make a significant difference in the end result. This is precisely why it is imperative for proprietors to integrate their customer relationship management with their messaging platform. If these two are in consonance, it can do wonders for the company.

A business must identify and isolate factors such as demographics and purchase history to shape and alter their SMS marketing campaign effectively. Furthermore, they can track and report their findings and implement these as they grow.

Keep it Short and Simple

Marketing experts believe that a business must exercise S.M.A.R.T tactics if they want to succeed in their SMS marketing endeavors. The make shift acronym represents Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Sensitive.

Experts state that 90% of text messages are accessed within minutes of receipt. Given the extraordinary frequency with which users receive texts, it is absolutely imperative to make it count. If the marketing team can use their words with heed and capture the attention of the consumer, then their efforts are not in vain.

Additionally, texts are similar to Tweets since they are conventionally limited to 160 characters, which is another reason marketers must use their space effectively. The faster they are able to convey their central message, the better their chances of success. A simple message which states the fundamental terms of an offer, like a 50% discount on their next purchase, is preferred in contrast to a lengthy text message which consumers may not even bother to read.

Timing is Significant

You may have heard the phrase ‘timing is everything’. This holds true in the case of SMS marketing as well. There are elements of time with regards to SMS marketing which must be adhered to. The first of which is to send texts which cite an expiry of the offer, as opposed to an open ended text.

The other important aspect of timing is to guarantee that texts are sent at the appropriate moment. For instance, it is actually important to send an SMS at a time when the consumer is likely to read and act on it.

If there is an exciting offer and the message is delivered on a Monday morning, it may defeat the purpose entirely if the consumer is at work and unable to visit the shop for instance. Little details like these make a world of a difference!