How to Protect Your Email Marketing Campaign from Spam Filters

As a digital marketer, you must be aware of the threats which spam filters pose. If your email content is marked as spam by these filters, it won’t reach the inboxes of your target customers and your marketing efforts will go in vain.

ISPs such as Yahoo and Google keep on updating the spam filter programs to ensure that users receive only valuable content in their inboxes. In order to avoid becoming a victim of these programs, you need to understand the criteria of spam filters. Let’s dig deeper into the ways you can get your emails past these filters:

Create Quality Content

Opt for professional tone in your email to protect it from spam filters. Refrain from using bright colors, lots of special characters, and excessive use of caps lock, or else your emails will be directed to the junk folder.

Produce quality content with valuable information to grab the attention of recipients. If they like your content, they’re likely to get in touch with your business and may purchase your products or acquire your services.

Build Your Email List

Some digital marketers prefer to buy an email list in order to promote their brand. However, this tactic can lead you into trouble.

Instead of buying email lists, create one for your business. This way, you can promote your brand to a target audience that’s likely to show an interest in your products or services. Although it may take you some time to build an effective email list, it’ll protect your marketing mails from spam filters as well as help you achieve your marketing goals.

Get Email Sender Accreditation

Email sender certification and accreditation is offered by independent third party companies. It assures Internet Service Providers that your emails don’t fall under the criteria of junk mails.

In order to get certified, you’ll need to pay their fee and in return they’ll guide you on how to get your emails past the spam filters. They can help you adhere to the guidelines of ISPs and other spam filtering companies.

Confirm the Subscription with the Recipients

When any internet user subscribes to your email list, forward them another email to ensure they actually want to hear from you. Sending emails to users without their approval won’t take you anywhere, since they may block your email address. The more users block you, the more likely you are to get blacklisted by the ISPs.

Aside from getting the approval of subscribers, ask them to add you to their contact list. This way, your emails will easily get through the spam filters without any hassles.

Never Upload Any Attachments

Emails with attached files or folders trigger spam filters. It’s likely that your email will directly go to the junk folder. Furthermore, adding heavy files won’t benefit your business in any way, since your subscribers may not bother to go through the content of the file.

You can instead upload the file on your website and add its link to the email content.

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