4 Best Practices to Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

Do you believe that direct mail marketing has become an outdated marketing tactic? You can’t be more wrong.

56% of consumers in the US still find direct mail more trustworthy and reliable. They go through the promotional material delivered by different brands. So, why not make the most of this trend and integrate direct mail marketing in your existing marketing strategy?

If you already rely on direct mail to promote your business, you can still enhance its effectiveness by optimizing it according to the interest of your existing as well as potential customers. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

1.     Personalization

The basic rule of attracting customers with your marketing material is to personalize it. Aside from including the name of the recipient, make sure that the direct mail content focuses on the individual needs of your customers.

Segmentation can help you divide your customer base into smaller groups on the basis of demographics. Instead of forwarding a large catalog showing your products, you can send its brief versions to frequent shoppers. This will help them with the buying decision.

2.     Be Different

Direct mail marketing is a great way to attract customers, particularly for small businesses. However, you need to keep in mind that the competition is strong. Your competitors may also be using direct mail method to get in touch with potential customers. If your content or representation is same as everyone else, you can’t hope to get noticed.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something different. Instead of sending marketing material in a standard white envelope, you should think of creative ways.

3.     Use Effective CTAs

The recipients of your direct mail liked your promotional material and are interested in your products or services. Now what?

They will look for a call-to-action that guides them how they can contact you. So, make sure that the CTA is concise and visually obvious. If they fail to notice it, they may go to your competitors. So, make sure that the CTA is not only visible, but also compelling. You can attract them with offers and special discounts.

It’s best to provide them with the option to contact you through multiple channels. For instance, you can add your Email address, website URL, contact number, and physical address of your business. It’ll facilitate the potential customers to get in touch with your business and buy your products.

4.     Experimentation

Talking about marketing, you cannot expect everything to go as per your expectations. So, it’s not a good idea to invest a big portion of your financial resources in improving a direct mail marketing plan.

Experimentation can help you make the right choice in the long run. You can experiment with a limited budget to identify the potential of marketing tactics.

First, understand your target customer base and then develop a strategy that’s likely to excite them. You can experiment with different types of offers. If it generates the expected ROI, you can integrate it in your marketing strategy.

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